Don't listen to the lies and let the truth on mlm elude you!

Have you ever sought advice about network marketing or the truth on mlm from someone you know and respect only to have your dreams and hopes dashed in a split second as you listen to a barrage of derogatory comments which sound something like your worst nightmare? And by the time they have finished giving you their well intentioned guidance you realize that to push this conversation any further by asking them what they think of various mlm opportunities you had been considering, would be like waving a red rag in front of a bull!

So you back off and quickly change the subject while in the back of your mind you are still wondering, "what really is the truth on mlm? Will the truth on mlm continue to elude you?

Think about these questions for a minute:

  • Is the example above the kind of response you would expect every time you seek the truth on mlm?
  • Is the truth on mlm so awful that it turns people into blithering idiots at the mere mention of the word?
  • Are mlm and network marketing such a dirty words that you are afraid to even look any further for fear that the truth on mlm might corrupt you forever?

Or……… is the truth on mlm something to be considered with an open mind and evaluated as you would any business, and that is, based only on 'the facts'?

Take a few minutes to watch this short video!
Listen to what industry expert Tim Sales has to say.....

You'll be captivated by the FACTS!

Well personally I think any rational individual would agree, if you are exploring options for going into business for yourself, network marketing or mlm as it is also commonly known should be given due consideration and evaluated simply on its merits and not someone's uneducated opinion, which more often than not is likely to be colored by their own perception rather than reality and often clouded by emotion.

I am happy to say that there is a stack of information available that helps us to unravel the truth on mlm and set that truth apart from the myriad of mlm lies and myth that quite simply do not reflect reality in any way.

I think you'll be captivated by the facts and fascinated as the truth is revealed!

So let's get started on our mission to expose the truth on mlm!

I am confident that you'll be captivated by the facts and fascinated as the truth is revealed!

The easiest way to approach this is to contrast the truth on mlm against the myth and lies.

So let's get right to it……… by getting the myths and lies out of the way first so you can then have a clear mind to evaluate the truth on mlm.

What are the mlm Lies and Myth?

Network Marketing or mlm is NOT:

  • A quasi business.  Mlm is a real business based on a proven, ethical, legal and sound business practices and processes.
  • A pyramid scheme.  You need to be confident that any network marketing company you consider joining has a compensation plan where you make your money fairly and squarely on PRODUCT SALES and product sales only. This means that you are looking at a legitimate business opportunity. By comparison, pyramid selling is when the majority of money made is based on the money people invest to join the scheme.
  • Likely to experience market saturation.  Despite the long history of the industry, this has not yet occurred. Many people join mlm, some don't continue and others only build small to medium size businesses. Statistical analysis shows that there is always going to be significant room in the market place for network marketing companies to grow and succeed.
  • A get rich quick scam.  No get rich quick scam will survive for the long term and legitimate network marketing companies will have a proven track record together with a long term strategic business plan which shows they plan to be around for the long haul.
  • An opportunity to build a business based on harassing family and friends into buying products they don't want or starting a business they have no interest in.  Solid mlm opportunities should be based on the proven principles of sales and marketing.
  • A breeding ground for pushy manipulative sales people.  When network marketing is underpinned by a solid competence framework which ensures those joining and working in the industry have the opportunity to learn and develop a raft of industry relevant skills with particular attention to sales and marketing, there is no reason for 'out of date' and 'offensive' sales techniques to be used.
  • A business model in which EVERYONE can succeed.  People joining and working in network marketing need to, firstly be interested in being in business for themselves and, secondly committed to their own knowledge and skill development  in order to equip them for industry success. Just joining the industry is not in itself a recipe for guaranteed success.
  • A business model in which EVERYONE you meet is your potential customer or business partner.  Potential customers and business partners need to have a reason to consider your product or opportunity in the first place in order to be genuine prospects that will be attracted to what you have to offer.
  • A hybrid form of sales and marketing where you don't need to have necessary sales and marketing skills but just simply 'share information' to succeed.  Any job you do requires a level of 'know how' and to some degree, professional excellence - network marketing is NO exception. It is therefore necessary for people looking for success in network marketing to have a commitment to knowledge and skill development in the area of sales and marketing.
  • A business model where you work in a team and therefore rely on the efforts of others and look to capitalize on their success.  This philosophy is a recipe for disaster! It lacks integrity and commitment to the things that create true business success. People joining network marketing should see this business model as a true opportunity for immense success but remember that it is based on their willingness to develop the necessary skills and also the effort they personally put in to their business.

Ok, so that's some list right!

You might be able to think of other examples of how the truth on mlm has been slightly distorted, but I hope this list has provided you with insight into some of the lies and myths out there around this industry.

My goal is that it has in some way helped to dispel some of your fears and concerns?

So just take a few more minutes to look at the other side of the coin before you draw any conclusions.

What IS the Truth on mlm?

Network Marketing or mlm IS:

  • A Right place-right time industry.  This takes into account primary economic and social trends within society compared to where an industry is placed on the industry life-cycle in order to determine potential industry success. Network marketing today is extremely well positioned to take advantage of these trends.
  • An industry which is currently in the "shakeout phase" of the industry lifecycle.In his book 'Shakeout' Edward Ludbrook the world's leading Network Marketing strategist has this to say………"Shakeout Stage: All key markets are pioneered and a 'dominant system' is revealed. Competition and restructuring creates initial concerns. Weak firms die. Strong growth follows."
  • An industry which has its roots in direct sales. This involves the selling of a product or service face to face away from a fixed retail location.
  • A method of distributing consumer products direct to consumers. This meets the need of an emerging trend where direct or home based shopping is becoming a force to be reckoned with.
  • An opportunity for people to become business owners in order to achieve income diversification and long term residual income
  • An industry poised to capitalize on 4 primary trends in society today." Network marketing is the only industry that sits in front of all four 'revolutions:  What makes people happy - The Lifestyle Revolution,  How we make money - The Self-Employment Revolution, How companies sell - The Direct Shopping Revolution, How people buy - The Consumer Experience Revolution"  (Extract from 'Shakeout' by Edward Ludbrook)
  • An industry positioned extremely well to capitalize on the boom area of "In-home" marketing 'In-home' marketing includes direct selling, party plan and network marketing. It is very much based on relationships as friends meet in homes to view and select products to purchase rather than visiting the store. Often in this scenario people are buying from product distributors they know and trust.In his book 'What You Should Know About MLM Before You Join' John Counsel has this to say……"In terms of customer loyalty and profitability, this will be the boom area of retailing for one very important reason: genuine, long term, loyal, profitable customer relationships based on integrity and trust".
  • A genuine business model.  This model provides the opportunity for conducting business in a professional manner employing strategies, systems and processes which are ethical, legal and based on sound business principles.
  • An industry that provides attractive alternatives.  As people living in the age of the 'lifestyle, self-employment, direct shopping and consumer experience revolution' look for options to meet their financial and lifestyle needs, Network Marketing is standing out from the crowd as an excellent option for giving people a range of alternatives.In their book The New Professionals by Charles W. King and James W Robinson 2000 edition)

    Charles W. King and James W Robinson have this to say………"Network Marketing…….is clearly positioned as an attractive alternative professional lifestyle for workers and an effective alternative distribution channel for consumer product and service companies……."
  • A significant player in research and product breakthroughs and an international and technologically advanced business model which is synergistic with the lifestyle demands of today's world 

    With the 'lifestyle, self-employment, direct shopping and consumer experience revolution' well and truly upon us many network marketing companies have embraced the challenges that this represents by ensuring they can function in a technology driven global market place. In doing so they have provided not only products and services that today's consumers demand but lifestyle solutions for today's world.In their book The New Professionals by Charles W. King and James W Robinson 2000 edition)

    Charles W. King and James W Robinson have this to say………"Network Marketing has become a business that is international in scope, powered by new technology, rich with innovative, proprietary product and that is thoroughly compatible with the New Professional's renewed focus on family, lifestyle, retirement planning, and time freedom.""A global marketing force as well as a major player in research and product breakthroughs"
  • A global industry based on sound business practices and incorporating professional management, investment in R & D, technology, and human resources.
  • An industry offering public ownership and stock incentives
  • A business model which offers the opportunity for exceptional personal and professional development supported by a corporate organization and independent business leaders and coaches  Success is ultimately underpinned by hard work and commitment to goals, personal learning, skill development , competence, career development and getting results (that is, making a profit in business). People joining network marketing must subscribe to these values if they want long term sustainable success, anything less is not a real business mindset.

Once again, that's some list right!

And it's probably not the complete list either, but I sure hope it puts things in perspective for you and gives you some solid information to consider. Why wouldn't you give this exciting industry a second look now that you have compared the truth on mlm against the lies and the myth?

I know I am very glad that I did exactly that!

The truth on mlm became very obvious to me when I explored the facts and let those facts speak for themselves. If I had listened to the mlm lies and myths I would have missed being involved in one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys of my life and I certainly would not be doing what I am doing today - that is, working from home, helping people like you to explore your options as you read my website while at the same time enjoying the lifestyle and financial benefits this great industry has to offer.

So don't listen to the lies and let the truth on mlm elude you any longer

Consider the facts and decide for yourself

You'll be amazed where the journey will take you!

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