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What makes
Top Network Marketing Companies Tick?

Why do specific mlm opportunities 
stand out from the crowd?

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • What is it that makes particular mlm opportunities stand out from the crowd?

I think that John Flemming, Publisher and Editor of Direct Selling News, with over 40 years of experience in the direct selling/network marketing industry, sums it up perfectly. He has this to say………

"………It's important that you affiliate yourself with a company that suits your own interests. The key to successful direct selling is to understand the product and the need for it in the market. You'll find you'll have a much easier time engaging with people about a product you are passionate about, especially when the need for that product is clear."

So in essence, you are much more likely to be successful in a network marketing business venture if when choosing a network marketing company, you select one whose products, services, philosophy and ethos are closely aligned with your personal interests, passions and values.

Having said this however.........

It is hugely important that when choosing a network marketing company you take into consideration what it is that makes top network marketing companies so successful. 

There is absolutely NO VALUE in starting a business with what you believe to be the best network marketing opportunity for you only to find that the company you have chosen falls short in a number of areas!

Top network marketing companies can only provide you with a vehicle to get you on the fast track to business success if they build their foundations on rock solid business principles and practices.

If they do so their performance in the market place will be evidence that this is the case.

Click here to listen to what Bill Clinton, past President of the United States of Americal has to say about the Network Marketing Industry while speaking on behalf of the Direct Selling Association.

So what do top network marketing companies do that make them so special?

What is it that makes them stand out from the crowd?

In their book The New Professionals by Charles W. King and James W Robinson 2000 edition)

Charles W. King and James W. Robinson have this to say………

"………Rising star companies that are making their mark………are elusive and continually changing. New firms are entering the industry while others are exiting."

In general the "rising star" companies profiled in "The New Professionals" met the following criteria as outlined in the book:

  • "Provide consumer-oriented products/services
  • Are structured around a network marketing compensation plan
  • Have been in business at least two years
  • Report annual sales at least in the range of $40-$50 million per year
  • Have a unique strategic direction with growth potential"

Check out this "Rising Star Company"  which has been profiled in "The New Professionals" and judge for yourself!

Some vital clues to help you find the best network marketing opportunity for you!

It is important that you establish your network marketing business career on rock solid foundations and the only way you can be sure to do this is to know what you are looking for in top network marketing companies.

Sadly I have seen during my network marketing career many people flip from one network marketing company to another. They are very easily persuaded by marketing hype about the latest "ground floor" opportunity, or are distracted by a network marketing opportunity that seems so much better than what they are currently doing.

For many it seems that the 'grass over the other side of the fence is always greener' and often that is because they have not accomplished the success they desire with their present network marketing company, so they start to look elsewhere.

My experience tells me there are some good and sound reasons why people don't always find success in network marketing and that is not necessarily due to the company they have chosen to be affiliated with.

Because network marketers don't always find the support they need to succeed with one company, they will look somewhere else.

So there's a clue here………

A strong business building system and support programs should be an integral part of what top network marketing companies offer their distributors.

When people float from one network marketing opportunity to another they never get to build the knowledge, skills and momentum they really need to be truly successful. That is no way to build a long term stable business and apart from anything else, it is very frustrating and a huge waste of precious time.

So, the key is to get it right first time.

Don't waste your energy starting new business after new business - how profitable is that!

In order to get it right first time you need some really solid guidelines………

By that I mean, choose a network marketing company with whom you can be affiliated to build your own business:

  • Whose products, services, philosophy and ethos are closely aligned with your personal interests, passions and values, and
  • Based on certain key business practices and company performance criteria

Check out my companies rating guide so you can quickly evaluate any opportunity you may be considering.

Select the best mlm company for YOU!

3 Simple Steps to selecting your best business venture Click here to to follow a simple 3 step process for selecting the best mlm company for you.

Once you've worked through these 3 simple steps you will know exactly what business venture will be the best for you.

Think of the time you will save because my simple 3 step guide will tell you exactly what you need to know before you make that extremey important decision.

After all, don't you just want to get started with your business venture?

Let me assist you to shorten your research phase and cut through all the hype so you can follow a clear and simple process that will help you to make your decision.

Finally.........Your Insurance Policy

There is one final message I would like to leave you with.

It is really important to understand this.........

Your success is NOT guaranteed nor contingent upon what a particular network marketing company might offer you.

Your network marketing success is much broader than that………

Having identified the best mlm company for you, it is equally important that you understand the impact that the following key elements can have on your network marketing/direct sales business success.

It is imperative that you access these elements either through your network marketing/direct sales company or via some other means.

Here's the list of must haves! Make sure you access a:


Top network marketing companies provide the rock solid foundation for your success!

The rest is most definitely up to you!

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