Top Network Marketing Companies should tick all the boxes!

If you are about to take a look at top network marketing companies as part of your research for determining the best home business for you, then I have just what you are looking for.

Choosing your top mlm from the numerous options available is not always easy.

This is simply because:

  • There are just so many choices available, and
  • When you first get started in this industry it's not always clear what you should be looking for and what it is that makes a top mlm company stand out from the crowd.

So having a framework to help you evaluate and compare a selection of mlm businesses will make your final selection as easy as A B C!

The bottom line is this……

Top network marketing companies should tick ALL the boxes!

If they do, they WILL stand out from the crowd! As aresult you will not be left wondering if you are doing the right thing or not and you will be 100% confident that your new business venture has a solid foundation and the potential for exceptional growth.

Take a look at this
top mlm company

It tick's ALL the boxes!

When making your choice from the many top network marketing companies available you simply MUST make your selection based on solid assessment criteria and not just because someone you know happens to have joined a particular company or maybe convinced you to partner with the latest 'new kid on the block'.

BIG MISTAKE, by the way… is not necessarily best. Although all top network marketing companies have to start somewhere, 'start up' companies do not have a proven track record and you should view these options with caution.

To help you select your best mlm company I have put together a quick reference check list of the 20 essential elements of a top mlm company. These elements are based on my years of experience in this industry during which time I have discovered that there are at least 20 critical features that top network marketing companies simply must offer in today's world. Without these features you will not necessarily be able to position your business for success.

I have called these features my '20 Gold Nuggets of Top Network Marketing Companies'.

When you use my '20 Gold Nuggets' as a rating guide you will find the selection process for choosing your best mlm company incredibly simple.

The Complete List!

Below is a comprehensive list of the 20 essential features of top network marketing companies.

Once you've reviewed this list, make sure you download my Quick Reference Rating Guide and use this as a resource to rate the top three companies on your list of options.

You will discover that following this quick and simple evaluation process will eliminate any concerns you may have about how to choose the right company for you.

How to use the Quick Reference Rating Guide.

Simply download the Rating Guide and then write the name of the top three companies you are considering on the Rating Guide and tick the box if the 20 statements are true of the company you are rating. The company that tick's the most boxes on the rating guide (preferably ALL 20 Features) will more than likely be your'WINNER'.

If you're not sure where to start, check out the company below that ticks all the boxes.

Take a look at this
top mlm company

It tick's ALL the boxes!

'The 20 Gold Nuggets of Top Network Marketing Companies'.

And they shouldn't be buried treasure either……they should be shining brightly for all to see!

Top network marketing companies should:

  • Be uniquely positioned to fill a need in the market place
  • Have their foundations firmly based on a Strategic Plan - this plan should establish company direction for medium to long term growth and be underpinned by specific strategies designed to facilitate the achievement of all company goals and objectives
  • Have strong and experienced leadershipboth at a corporate and field level so that you can be confident as a network marketing professional that you will be supported by exceptional leadership which provides clear direction and mentoring as foundational elements of your business success
  • Have a proven track record of success based on consistently growing sales and the ability to compete in the market place. This gives you the assurance that you are backed by a long-term stable company with the resources to invest in the latest technology and succeed in a competitive market giving you peace of mind that they will be around for the long haul
  • Have a strong customer focus based on a commitment to systems and processes that will continually attract and retain customers for the long term
  • Offer at least some exclusive (patented) technologies which means you are establishing your business based on products that cannot be copied by the competition
  • Offer a range of consumable products and therefore facilitate repeat sales which support an ongoing income opportunity for the company and its independent agents (distributors)
  • Offer the opportunity to build a global seamless business
  • Offer a business opportunity that is portable - which means you can take your business with you if you relocate
  • Be a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) so you can have piece of mind that marketing practices are ethical and legal
  • Comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) if they develop their own products, which provides assurance that the quality of the products produced consistently meets the highest standards
  • Provide a warehousing and distribution system which ships direct to customers so you don't have to purchase, manage and deliver inventory
  • Provide not just good customer service, but customer service that is of an exceptional standard underpinned by a customer satisfaction guarantee program and online and phone based ordering options
  • Provide international e-commerce systems through a web presence which supports business activities
  • Provide online business management tools which provide for tracking and analyzing of business activities
  • Provide a fair and equitable network marketing compensation planwhich is based on the results achieved and rewards distributors for work done at all levels of building their business
  • Provide calculation and payment of commissions direct to distributors through an optional direct credit or check facility in your local currency
  • Be able to provide you with evidence of commissions paid to distributors historically and average income estimates so you can be confident that you will be rewarded for the work you do
  • Provide comprehensive training and development through a range of options such as company events, online resources, conference calls, workshops, webinars and seminars
  • Provide the opportunity for excellent return on investment based on minimal capital outlay and low overheads

Select the best mlm company for YOU!

Whilst the list above is by no means exhaustive it highlights some extremely important areas that anyone considering the merits of top network marketing companies should consider.

Identifying the top network marketing companies that meet the above criteria is most definitely important when it comes to choosing the best company for you , one that you would want to be affiliated with for the long term.

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