Personality traits provide clues for identifying an individual's unique style

Personality traits can best be described as a range of behavioural styles which may indicate a person's preferred personality type…….in other words, what makes us who we are?

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Most People are a Blend of Different Styles

In learning about personality types you will discover that most people are a blend of a range of different styles and each style exhibits specific personality traits which make it a relatively simple process to spot these unique characteristics in individuals.

Personality traits are indicators that provide us with clues for identifying personality types.

As a network marketing/direct sales business owner this information is critical for helping you to sponsor, support and coach your business partners more effectively because when you recognize certain personality traits you will have a pretty good idea of the particular style of the individual you are interacting with.

Because people are not all the same, it is important that as a business leader you don't fall into the trap of regurgitating the same way of presenting, coaching and communicating no matter who you are interacting with.

It is extremely important that you are able to recognize and understand how to relate to everyone you interact with in your business in a way that is appropriate for them.

Remember, it's not a 'one size fits all' approach to business!

Adapting your presentations, coaching, and interpersonal communication to best meet the needs of those you interact with will produce significantly improved results for you in your business.

So let's cut to the chase…...

How do you know what you are looking for?

What specific traits or behavioural styles should you be able to spot if you are going to be able to understand how personality profiles work?

Remember, you need to develop your skills in this area so you can adapt your presentations, coaching and communication to best meet the needs of the people you are interacting with every day in your business.


All personalities have strengths and the advantage of being able to recognize a range of personality traits is that you can channel the expertise of individuals in your team to areas where they are particularly talented. This approach benefits not only the individuals concerned but often the entire team can reap the rewards.

Free audios to assist you with Understanding Personality Profiles

International authority on relationship management and executive recruitment, Nathan Chanesman is Managing Director of an online behavioral assessment company. This company provides some outstanding tools for helping people in network marketing/direct sales businesses to understand behavioral styles as a means to improving your overall business performance.

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In these free audio's Nathan will introduce you to each of the 4 styles and provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to recognize the various traits each style may exhibit.

This information will lay a great foundation for enabling you to:

  • Recognize particular personality traits in the people you meet, sponsor into your business, and work with on your team
  • Build your interpersonal communication skills so you can relate to any personality type in a way that is totally relevant to them
  • Become a more effective team leader and business owner by knowing how to use the strengths of each personality type for creating business success

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    • How different personality styles think?
    • How the 4 different personality styles respond in a work/professional life scenario
    • Career choices which are most common for each of the core '4 Personality Types'?
    • Why every business requires four types of people
    • How to easily spot different Personality Styles
    • 'Personality Type' strengths and weaknesses

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