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As a network marketing/direct sales professional, why would you even consider it necessary to complete this quiz?

How will doing so help you to improve your ability to succeed in business?

Well there is a very simple answer to these questions……

If you understand yourself better you will significantly improve your potential for business success!

Why is this?

Simply because……. having an insight into the way you:

  • think,
  • behave,
  • relate to others and even
  • go about building your business on a day to day basis…..

…….will help you to use your strengths more effectively and will most definitely impact the way you relate to others.

Because network marketing/direct sales is a 'people business', you absolutely MUST continue to develop and grow your 'people skills'!

This is not a one size fits all business!

One of the most effective ways you can grow your 'people skills' is to understand what makes people tick….

  • what pushes their buttons,
  • what gets them excited,
  • what is it that gets them to take action, and
  • most importantly, what makes every person different.

You know, network marketing/direct sales is not a 'one size fits all' business…..

What I mean by this is you just can't learn one formula for building your business and apply it to every situation and to everyone you meet. You must develop intuitive skills by learning to listen and observe so you can easily identify the personality traits that make each individual so unique.

In doing so you will significantly improve the way you relate to others and if you do this using a style that is appropriate for the person you are interacting with you will get results!

In short, if you are to be successful in business you must recognize the different personality types and know how to adapt the way you do things to best meet the needs of the different styles you encounter.

Your Own Personality Quiz

The fastest and simplest way to build your skills in this area is to understand yourself a little better first.

What better way to do this than by completing your very own personality quiz and really taking a close look at your personality style by evaluating the way you think and behave in all areas of your life.

Once you have worked through this process yourself you will be amazed at how simple it is to recognize the different behavioural styles and personality traits in others and in so doing you will be better equipped to guide and mentor your business team and serve your customers more effectively.

This will most definitely translate to improved results in your business!

So how do you go about getting started on this self assessment questionnaire?

There are tons of personality tests and personality quizzes out there, how on earth will you know where to go and which personality quiz to select. Well here's the great news!

I can point you in the right direction and save you a heap of time!

To get the best out of completing your own personality quiz I would strongly encourage you to use a program designed specifically for your business needs….and the one I personally recommend is unique to the network marketing/direct sales industry.

Introducing Nathan Chanesman

International authority on relationship management and executive recruitment, Nathan Chanesman is Managing Director of an online behavioural assessment company. This company provides some outstanding tools for helping people in network marketing/direct sales businesses to understand behavioural styles and recognize certain personality traits as a means to improving your overall business performance.

"I can personally recommend Nathan Chanesman's program because I have personally attended his workshops and used his behavioural assessment tools for myself and for my business team. I found the process of personality profiling to be enormously helpful on both a personal and professional level….I can't recommend it highly enough."

Maree Suzanne, founder and Director of 

Compelling Interview

If you would like to know more about relationship selling using personality profiles and how this will help you to improve your selling, sponsoring and retention skills, then you simply MUST listen to this compelling interview with Nathan by clicking on the audio player below and order his amazing book.

  1. Listen to this FREE Interview with Nathan Chanesman on the significance of relationship selling using Personality Profiles!

  2. For the complete story on personality profiles in network marketing and direct sales order Nathan's book Become a Network Marketing Superstar today!

OK, so let's get back to YOUR Personality Quiz!

You have two options:


Download your FREE hard copy quiz here

You will be able to download a free hard copy of the quiz to complete offline.

HOWEVER… will not be able to receive your Personality Profile Report (in other words, your personal results) if you only complete your quiz offline on the PDF document you download.

If you want to proceed to order a coupon that will enable you to access YOUR completed Profile Report you must select Option TWO.


Click Here to complete your quiz online 

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your personal results via a Personality Profile Report within minutes of completing your self assessment questionnaire online. These results will be sent direct to your e-mail inbox!

Personality Quiz Results - For Option TWO

If you selected Option Two above and have proceeded to complete your quiz online you will receive a full report of your results via e-mail within minutes of completing your questionnaire.

These results will come in the form of a Personality Profile Report that will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your responses to the quiz questions as follows:

  • Your Dominant Behavioral Style Summary/Report
  • Your Personal Profile Intensity Levels identified
  • About your dominant behavioral style
  • How to modify your behavioral style to improve your effectiveness
  • Key characteristics of behavioral styles
  • How to sponsor and sell to different styles

What do the quiz results mean for your business?

Once you have this report in your hands you will be amazed at how comprehensive it is and how significant this information will be to your professional skill development and to the ongoing success of your business.

Not only will you develop a keen insight into your own personality type but in doing so you will understand how to:

  • Apply this skill in all your business relationships
  • Improve your selling and sponsoring skills
  • Serve your customers more effectively
  • Improve your coaching skills
  • Support and mentor your business partners
  • Build a highly successful network marketing/direct sales business based on 100% effective interpersonal relationships


Once you have completed the quiz yourself I would strongly encourage you to order coupons for your business team so they can go online and complete the quiz for themselves.

Not only will they receive their Personality Profile Report via e-mail but you will also.

Once you have the results for your team you will be able to support them through coaching that is totally relevant to them and their unique style.

You'll be amazed at the results this will produce for your business and theirs!

Completing this Personality Quiz will reveal the real YOU and provide you with insight and skills to transform your direct sales business!

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