Niche Marketing Wins 
First Prize Every Time!

Niche Marketing means pre-sold customers coming to your door!

What would it mean for your business if implementing sound marketing principles provided the basis for a continuous stream of pre-sold customers coming to your door?

If you are already a Network Marketing professional I think I can confidently answer that question for you!

And, if you are just thinking about getting involved in the industry I am confident your answer would be the same!

Quite simply, niche marketing can influence your prospects ability to find YOU and that can make a significant difference to the results you achieve in your business?

So I think it goes without saying that understanding how to attract highly qualified customers to you is fundamental to success in business and therefore something that network marketers should also seriously consider. 

Niche marketing can best be described as follows:

Specific attraction marketing strategies designed to enable you to:

  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor and solutions provider within a particular niche or field of expertise and in doing so,
  • Attract a particular group of prospective customers to you as opposed to you having to hunt them down as can often be the case with a more traditional approach to network marketing!
  • Attract highly targeted customers to you who are already interested in what you have to offer!

The Perfect Scenario

There is NOTHING better for anyone in business than having a continuous stream of customers who:

  • Are actually in the market place looking for the kinds of products and services you offer
  • Have had the opportunity to be exposed to what YOU offer your customers and like what they see
  • Have had the opportunity to get to know you and are therefore confident in what you have to offer
  • Have already made the decision to buy because they see you as a trusted advisor and solutions provider for either a product or service that they believe will meet their needs

Isn't this just the perfect scenario in business and wouldn't you love this to be your ongoing experience?

Understanding the principles of niche marketing and how to apply this to your business will go a long way to helping you achieve this outcome.

Are you a high-pressure salesperson?

In network marketing we have been taught for years that we must FIND OUR CUSTOMERS!

We have been taught to do this by approaching family, friends and then anyone who comes within three foot of us to tell them about the amazing product/opportunity we have for them. Now 'old school' network marketing methods have taught us to do this whether or not the people we approach have an interest in what we are offering.

This immediately puts us in the position of 'high pressure salesman'!

Whether we are using high pressure or not - quite simply, that is how we are perceived when the person we have approached with our product or opportunity has NO interest at all in what we are offering.

I have always struggled with this mentality but I was convinced by my mentors in the industry it was the only way to build a successful network marketing business. The trouble is I never felt authentic when I was doing this!

You see this approach breaks all the rules of genuine and effective selling which should always be about 'meeting the customer's needs'.

If your customer doesn't perceive they have a need for your product or service anything you do or say will be seen as 'high pressure selling' even if you are trying not to apply pressure to the decision making process.

If you really want to understand this concept fully I would recommend you read the book The New Conceptual Selling by Robert B Miller and Stephen E Heiman. This book will take your understanding of genuine and authentic selling to a whole new level.

A more genuine approach

In contrast, Niche Marketing is based on the premise that......


This is because you have implemented attraction marketing strategies within your particular niche market.

These attraction marketing strategies within your niche help your customers to find you!

And when your customers find you through this process they have already made the decision to buy, so closing the sale is practically a non event!

It's what REAL marketers have done for years!

This in a nutshell is what niche marketing and attraction marketing is all about!

It is what 'real' marketers have done and been highly successful at for years and it's the opportunity that network marketing online provides for network marketing today !

By integrating niche marketing through a range of internet marketing strategies, into your business and marketing plan, as a network and/or online marketer you fling the door wide open to a global market place of people looking for what you have to offer. This is niche and attraction marketing at its best!

If you establish a presence for yourself on the Internet using the principles of niche marketing you will find that as part of the process you will:

  • Naturally position yourself as a trusted advisor, solutions provider and niche marketing specialist.

As a consequence you WILL have customers that FIND YOU!

And what's even more exciting………?

When your customers find you because of your attraction marketing efforts within your chosen niche, they will recognize that:

  • You have 'value' to offer them, and
  • You are 'committed' to making sure that what you offer genuinely meets their needs

When your customers recognize that you are providing 'true value' and your product/service 'meets their needs', they will be READY TO BUY!


Only pre-sold proactive customers FINDING YOU and ready to buy!

Sound too good to be true………

I assure you it's not!

As you learn more about the significance of niche marketing and using the Internet as a tool to attract customers to you, you will be overjoyed at what this represents for your network marketing business!

Viral Marketing

VIRAL MARKETING helps spread the good news and attract customers to YOU!

If you have never heard of Viral Marketing before, I am sure you will as you continue to investigate and participate in niche marketing.

You see once you start to use niche marketing as a strategy to attract customers to you, these happy customers will spread the word and before you know it your potential customer list has grown exponentially!

We all understand the negative connotations of a virus spreading - no one wants to be infected right?

Well, it's a known fact that good news also spreads fast and this happens nowhere more effectively than it does on the internet. Think about how quickly you can get communication from one side of the world to the other via email these days. And when an Email goes from your 'outbox' to all the people on your address book, how long does it take for your contacts to forward this message to everyone in their address book?

This is essentially how Viral Marketing works and when applied to business it simply means this……..

It could be just literally only minutes before something your customer likes about you and your business gets spread all over the world and continues to drive internet traffic to your network marketing business.

Never underestimate the potential that Viral Marketing can have on your niche marketing initiatives.

WEB 2.0 Marketing opens the flood gates for Niche Marketers!

Well if you think the potential to use Viral Marketing as one of your internet marketing strategies sounds exciting then you'll be knocked off your rocker when you get to appreciate the significance of Web 2.0 Marketing and its potential for developing incredible success online!

So what is Web 2.0? As defined by an online free dictionary.........

Web 2.0 is simply…..

"The second generation of the World Wide Web, especially the movement away from static web pages to dynamic and shareable content and social networking."

There's a whole bunch more I could tell you about the Web 2.0 tools available that are significant players in the whole revolution of network marketing online , but that's quite a separate topic.

Just understand this……..if you thought news spread fast using Email and various other techniques for passing on marketing messages to other websites and internet users, you 'ain't seen nothin' until you experience the impact that Web 2.0 tools (such as original website content, blogs, social networking sites, content sharing sites, article marketing and video sharing sites just to name a few), can have on your ability to exponentially grow your network marketing business.


Now, I'm not going to leave you in the dark on this one, its way too important!

  • How can YOU integrate niche marketing into your current network marketing business?
  • How can YOU get started in network marketing using niche marketing as a tool which underpins your business growth strategies?

Now I am going to give you the 'heads up' on how you can locate some fantastic FREE resources to help you with your research, education, skill development and ultimately your business growth potential using this exciting phenomenon.

Now we're getting to the really exciting stuff, so stay tuned!


Below I have listed TWO outstanding resources which I highly recommend.

You will find these resources invaluable as you begin to research the possibilities of using niche marketing to attract targeted customers to your business through original website content and other Web 2.0 tools.

I am familiar with both of the options I recommend below and am in fact personally using them very successfully in my business today.

Both resources listed below are FREE:

  • The first is a Downloable Free PDF Ebook which is pretty much an 'all you need to know' resource about attraction marketing

  • The second resource is a comprehensive library of FREE online tutorials that introduce you in considerable detail to the concept attraction marketing and how to apply it to your business.

    This library contains an ever growing wealth of free online tutorials which will really assist you to integrate a wide range of attraction marketing strategies into your niche marketing efforts.

    Included are some real "HOW TO" classes so you will be able to actually make a start with your online venture once you have worked through these classes.

I know you will be very impressed by the highly valuable information and SKILLS you can acquire for absolutely NO COST when you access both of these online programs.

FREE Resource Number ONE

Download "The Attraction Marketers Manifesto"  as a FREE PFD E-Book.

The Marketer's Manifesto

Learn how you can make reliable and consistent income from your niche marketing efforts and finally feel like you are building a "REAL" business!

FREE Resource Number TWO

Library of online introductory tutorials and resources that will teach you STEP by STEP how to integrate the principles of attraction marketing into your business.

Watch this short introduction from the Tutorial Library program developer......


to the comprehensive library of on-line tutorials.


So let's just say you've learned a little about niche marketing by reading the free downloadable PDF Ebook recommended above, and you've also completed a number of the online free tutorial classes on attraction marketing at the free tutorial library.

Now you're all fired up and ready to put this new found knowledge and your newly acquired skills to work in your business. You understand the importance of establishing yourself as a trusted advisor and solutions provider within your niche by using a range of internet marketing strategies.

So, what are your options for getting started?

Option ONE:

  • Use the Online Tutorial Library as a guide for setting up attraction marketing strategies within your niche using a range of Web 2.0 tools

Option TWO:

Network Marketing

Option THREE:

  • Learn more about how to write content for your website, blog or online articles by reading the FREE Netwriting Masters Course

Netwriting Masters Course

Option FOUR:

  • For help with developing your website content access SEO Copywriting services or a professional Content Advisorwho will assist you to develop totally professional and search engine optimized content for your internet marketing strategies


Niche Marketing online enables you as a network marketer to:

  • Uniquely position yourself as a trusted advisor and solutions provider within your niche removing the need for you to FIND CUSTOMERS but rather have CUSTOMERS FIND YOU!
  • Build an ever expanding database of potential customers by implementing a range of internet marketing strategies and Web 2.0 tools
  • Attract customers to YOU!

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