Network marketing today is impacting the entire business world!

  • Have you ever wondered what is happening in the world of network marketing today?
  • Maybe you've looked at or even been directly involved in a direct selling opportunity of some kind?

Whether or not you have been personally involved in the direct sales industry, it is interesting to explore what is happening in network marketing today and how this is impacting business generally.

In his book The New Professionals by Charles W. King and James W Robinson 2000 edition)

Charles W King has this to say:

"………network marketing today is having a profound impact on the entire business world. The most successful marketing companies in the future will be those that employ a blend of the best features of both the network marketing and more traditional marketing approaches."

The world of business today is recognizing that certain aspects of the direct sales industry are hugely important and when integrated with a more traditional marketing approach can have some incredibly positive spins offs.

So with this in mind, what is it that network marketing does incredibly well that often more traditional marketing approaches struggle with?

Think about this for a moment………

When you buy a product from a store what keeps you going back to that same store over and over again?

What makes you a loyal customer?

Is it because:

  • You love the product?
  • The price represents excellent value for money?
  • It's convenient to shop there?
  • You can't get that product anywhere else?
  • The staff in that store really know their stuff and they provide excellent advice about their products?
  • The store runs a customer rewards program?
  • They have regular specials and discounts?
  • They run effective marketing campaigns to encourage you to shop there?
  • The staff take a real interest in you and assist you to find the product that's right for you?

Well I would hazard a guess that you have said YES to at least a few points on this list. These are some of the things that influence where, what and how we buy.

It's all about repeat customers 

It's all about getting your customers coming back time and time again - it's calledcustomer loyalty and this is one thing that network marketing companies generally do very well. Their systems and processes are well set up to get customers wanting to come back and continue to buy their products and services.

I think it would be fair to say that many customers of network marketing companies could give each point on the above list the big tick if they were asked to rate the products and service of that company!

Maybe it's the ability of network marketing companies to retain loyal customersthat is seen as a positive feature and one that more traditional marketing approaches are keen to emulate.

The ability of network marketing companies to maintain a loyal customer base is a significant area in which network marketing today is impacting the entire business world! Everyone wants returning customers, customers that will stay with you for life!

So let's take a closer look at this whole area of customer loyalty..........

So, what's the big deal about Customer Loyalty?

The question that is on everyone's lips is simply this………

"How to build customer loyalty that results in customer retention and ongoing business growth?"

This is where network marketing comes into its own!

You see network marketing is about building a relationship with your customer that is ongoing and therefore based on trust.

People will buy from and enter a business partnership with people they trust.

Network marketing today is very much focused on:

  • Coaching independent distributors in the importance of building relationships with their customers and business partners
  • Using relationship building processes such as face to face, phone to phone, and computer to computer direct contact with customers and business partners on an ongoing basis
  • Positioning within a global market place to become a trusted advisor and solutions provider within a particular niche

Network marketing today is uniquely positioned to take advantage of its historically very strong one-on-one marketing distribution channel combined with the explosion of the Internet as a powerful tool for doing business.

Because of the business methods used by direct sales companies, customer loyalty (that so many businesses crave in the traditional retail environment) is alive and well in network marketing today. Having strong customer loyalty gives the direct sales/network marketing industry a distinct advantage in a global market place and is a reason why many in more traditional businesses are looking on with interest at what makes network marketing so unique.

Additionally, because the world of mass media has such an impact on people's lives today consumers are often confused. Therefore, businesses are asking………

  • "How do we establish our brand and achieve customer loyalty in such a crowded environment?"
  • "How do we stand out from the crowd?"

So why do people choose network marketing today as a way to do business?

In his book The New Professionals by Charles W. King and James W Robinson 2000 edition)

Charles W King has this to say:

"The smart companies have come to understand that network marketing is an important part of the answer. Inc. magazine has observed:

From the top of the Inc.'s 500 companies to the bottom are product and service companies that have adopted multilevel marketing to control overhead, create means of distribution, and build a national sales force on a budget. All of these companies have tapped into a growing contingent of displaced workers, professionals worried about their future, at-home moms and couples - all looking to get into business for themselves."

So not only are there strong economic reasons why the network marketing business model has a lot to offer but additionally people looking to get into business for themselves are seeing a number of advantages from a personal perspective.

It is important to consider both of these aspects to gain a true perspective of why network marketing today is having such an impact.

Firstly, what are the successful network marketing companies doing today that makes them a sound investment?

Many successful network marketing companies have adopted a blend of the best of traditional business and direct sales and in so doing:

  • Have become significantly involved in research and development and as a result consumers world wide are gaining access to exciting new products
  • Have strong professional management that is bringing with it experience from the world of commerce and as a result many of these companies are now significant players in a global marketplace
  • Have unique technologies which sets them apart in the marketplace
  • Have a commitment to human resource management which provides a strong foundation at a corporate level
  • Provide the opportunity for shareholder investment which facilitates expansion and growth
  • Provide the opportunity for their independent distributors to build international businesses based on seamless global markets
  • Have strong support programs and tools for their independent distributors to enable them to become successful business owners
  • Have systems in place which facilitate building long term customer loyalty through effective direct communication processes and rewards programs.
  • Have business systems, processes, compensation and incentive programs in place which underpin the lifestyle flexibility many who join the industry desire

Secondly, why do individuals who want to get into business for themselves see network marketing as such an attractive option?

Many people who join network marketing today do so because they see the potential to impact their lives from both a personal and financial perspective. They are looking for:

  • Low start up investment - which makes network marketing today a realistic option for a lot of people
  • Lifestyle flexibility - freedom to choose when and how they work and when and how they spend their leisure and family time - something the traditional JOB does not generally allow
  • Financial security - the opportunity to increase their present income and to develop multiple streams of residual income for both the present and the future
  • Retirement planning - with so many retirement plans and options not living up to expectations, people are looking outside the traditional approaches and finding network marketing really stacks up
  • Top quality products and services - which they can buy direct and which are supported by a quality assurance program
  • A company that bases it's products and services on unique patent protected technologies which is vital if they are to be confident about the security of their own business
  • The opportunity to build relationships - and have experiences both personal and professional that will enrich their lives and provide a sense of purpose

A unique business model

By considering these two lists, one from the company perspective and the other from the independent distributor perspective, we see why network marketing today is just so unique as a business model and therefore why as an industry it is having such an impact. Personally I can't think of anything else that comes close!

Edward Ludbrook, a world authority on strategy and leadership in network marketing has this to say in his book "Shakeout".........

Anyone involved in or joining Network Marketing today can be certain that they truly are in the ‘Right Place, at the Right Time.’ All that remains for them is to LEARN THE BUSINESS and take MASSIVE ACTION to exploit their good fortune: you never know if you are ever going to be in this situation again.”

In Summary.....

So if you are someone who is:

  • Just got started in a network marketing business
  • A veteran with years of experience

You can rest assured that having a network marketing business as part of your income portfolio is a very SMART thing to be doing. The evidence is there and the future is bright for this continually evolving industry that throughout its history has gone from strength to strength as it has grown and moved with the times.

Not only is network marketing today an extremely positive option for the business entrepreneur but also provides hundreds and thousands of world wide consumers with a plethora of choices for buying what is seemingly an infinite supply of quality products and services.

Network marketing today is indeed having an impact on the way people do business!

Additionally, with the advent of network marketing online and the need to employ the principles of attraction marketing , network marketing today is poised to experience massive growth.

Network marketing today is a business model that has evolved to the point where it represents unprecedented opportunity for all who choose to participate!

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