Will Your Network Marketing System Reap Rewards?

When you embark on a network marketing venture, how important is it that the company you partner with provides you with a network marketing system?

As a network marketing professional and coach I am frequently asked about how best to succeed in this industry. When people ask me for advice about network marketing or what mlm tool I recommend as being the most effective for success in a network marketing business, my response is the same every time......

You MUST tap into a network marketing system which follows a clear process of skill development and competence!

However, and this is VERY IMPORTANT......

As important as it is to follow a system or logical process when building your network marketing business, your ultimate success will NEVER be JUST ABOUT THE SYSTEM you follow!

Your ultimate business success is WAY bigger than the network marketing system you choose to operate in your business.

All will become clear, I promise......

Now anyone who has been involved with network marketing for any length of time will know that there is NO shortage of network marketing systems out there! In fact I would go so far as to say there are so many options for both new and experienced network marketing professionals to choose from that it is almost overkill!

To be brutally honest, the fact that so many network marketing professionals tout a particular system as being the one and only, the latest and greatest, the best thing since sliced bread, only sets the foundation for CONFUSION in the industry!

Now, CONFUSION is one thing we do NOT want! No-one in any industry or line of work is going to be successful if they are confused!

So herein lies one of the biggest challenges to network marketing professionals and the network marketing industry itself.

How on earth do we combat the CONFUSION?

Surely the fact that network marketers continue their never ending quest for the best network marketing system, that magic formula for success, that hidden treasure, suggests that so far no-one has found it yet!

Maybe, maybe not………?

Sure, I know things change, systems improve, new technology comes along and we all have to move with the times to be successful. However, I think there is more to this story than meets the eye………

How do you chart a course for success in your network marketing business?

How do you eliminate the risk of becoming confused by the plethora of information out there?

Are you confused or crystal clear on the process you should follow to ensure your network marketing business success?

Consider these questions………

  • Why are there so many network marketing systems available today?

  • Why is there confusion in the ranks? - Why do network marketing leaders (independent distributors) often differ on their recommendation as to which system new distributors should tap into?

  • How does following the latest craze add to network marketing confusion? - Think about this……Why do some independent network marketers seem to follow the latest network marketing craze by jumping from concept to concept, guru to guru, and system to system in their never ending quest for the perfect network marketing system?

  • How would you personally recognize a good network marketing system? Would you know it if you fell over it, how do you even know what you are looking for? It's like finding a needle in a haystack - right?

  • Can YOU evaluate a network marketing system in terms of certain success criteria? In other words, how do YOU personally know the system you have come across stacks up. Are you going to get the results you are looking for or are you just taking someone else's word for it?

The problem is………

YOU don't know, what YOU don't know!

So if you are new to network marketing, or even if you are not, how on earth are you going to know what skills and knowledge are necessary in order that you might be one of those people who truly experience network marketing success.

  • What's your measuring stick when it comes to evaluating the numerous network marketing systems out there?

  • How do you determine where to channel your investment (both financial and time)? Are you taking into account how the system you follow will provide PAY OFF in your bottom line?

Think about this………

Does the network marketing system you use, or are considering investing in have the potential to give you the business growth results you are looking for?

If you can't establish that your system demonstrates this very important attribute, then I would encourage you to proceed with caution! After all, it's RESULTS you are looking for at the end of the day!

Don't get me wrong - I am not saying you shouldn't follow a system or that industry experts should not be developing and promoting their systems as a means to providing opportunity for continuous performance improvement within the network marketing industry. In fact what I am saying is quite the contrary!

The need for "up-skilling" and constantly learning new things is an extremely important part of self improvement and increasing YOUR business success - this is the case no matter what industry you work in and should be an integral part of any network marketing system!

In fact most industries establish performance standards or benchmarks against which individual and organizational performance can be measured. This means people have a clear picture of not only what is expected from them in their jobs, but also what they need to do to increase their skills and knowledge for success within that industry. For this reason I totally endorse the idea that everyone building a network marketing business should look at how they can personally build their skills and knowledge to be successful within network marketing.

Gaining new knowledge is NEVER wasted and building your skills is IMPERATIVE if you are going to be successful in any business venture. But this process needs to be targeted and based on a solid foundation!

YOUR network marketing system

should be 100% relevant to

YOUR needs,

YOUR business, and

YOUR success!

Before we look at how you can be sure YOUR network marketing system measures up, let's just revisit those questions I posed earlier:

  • Why are there so many network marketing systems available today?
  • Why is there confusion in the ranks?
  • How does following the latest craze add to network marketing confusion?
  • How would you personally recognize a good system?
  • Can YOU evaluate a system in terms of certain success criteria?

This is the way I see it!

There are so many network marketing systems available today because there is an absence of clear industry standards and success criteria for independent distributors.

As industry experts seek to address this challenge, more and more network marketing systems emerge.

The problem with this is these systems are NOT built on the same foundation, that is, a consistent industry benchmark for independent distributors!

The result is………

There is inconsistency, no real way to evaluate business building systems within the industry and ultimately CONFUSION for independent distributors!

So is there a solution to this predicament for YOU?

What do you need to know?

Are you:

  • About to start an mlm business?

  • Involved in a network marketing career already?

No doubt these questions are spinning around in your head:

  • What network marketing system should YOU use?

  • What is the most effective way of building your network marketing business?

  • How important is network marketing strategy for success?

  • How do I evaluate network marketing systems in order to determine the best system to follow?

A network marketing system MUST form the foundation of YOUR business success and will be 100% relevant if it:

  • Identifies the skills and knowledge YOU need to build YOUR business

  • Provides a skill development framework based on competence - in other words, YOU have the opportunity to become competent in the skills required to build YOUR network marketing business for success

  • Establishes a model for Career Development Planning - a building block of YOUR future business growth and success

  • Includes a support system - YOU tap into YOUR own personal mlm coaching

  • Contains an outline of mlm training modules that support YOUR skill and knowledge development and YOUR network marketing career

  • Encourages duplication and business growth through good leadership skills - YOU have a model for building your own leadership skills and a blueprint for coaching YOUR business associates through the same network marketing success cycle

So that's it in a nutshell………

The following are the BUILDING BLOCKS of a solid network marketing business foundation and encompass all the key elements of success described above:

Now you know what you're looking for right!

You can:

  • Evaluate any network marketing system that might come your way

  • Assess if it is relevant for YOU and YOUR business

  • Recognize whether or not it will provide you with a solid foundation for YOUR business success, not someone else's business, YOUR business and YOUR bottom line!

And guess what - there's a bonus with any network marketing system that gets the "BIG TICK" to every point on the list above………and it's a BIG BONUS!

What is it………?

There will be NO CONFUSION for YOU and for the independent distributors in YOUR business!

YOU and your distributors will be better equipped to REAP the REWARDS of network marketing success!

Now that's BIG!

If you and your team of distributors are NOT CONFUSED, you can establish a solid foundation for YOUR business - a foundation which promotes duplication and leveraged business growth - the key to long term residual income and a stable and successful network marketing business!

Now, I have a bit of a 'HEAD'S UP' for you on this!

To ensure your network marketing system stacks up and fulfills the criteria I have suggested above you need a few more specifics right?

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