Network marketing online
is changing the face
of the industry forever

  1. Is network marketing online indeed the exciting new phenomenon being touted by many in the network marketing industry as the next wave for entrepreneurs to succeed beyond their wildest dreams? Or, is it simply just a passing fad?

  2. Is everyone involved in network marketing today moving in the direction of developing an online mlm business?

  3. As a network marketing professional or someone who plans to be making money on the internet, is network marketing online a strategy that you should be giving your serious consideration?

  4. Can we go as far as saying network marketing online is without a doubt where the future of network marketing lies?

  5. And, in the middle of this new revolution is there still room for the more traditional 'old school' methods of building a network marketing business in tandem with network marketing online?

  6. Finally, what would be the process for someone wanting to integrate network marketing online into their business - what steps would they follow?

These are all very interesting questions, and ones that deserve our consideration.

Observing what is happening in the market place is useful in helping us to understand why network marketing online is a strategy that more and more network marketing professionals are employing today.

As we explore this further you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Resolve in your own mind the answers to the questions posed above, and

  2. Review some exciting options for getting started on your own network marketing online strategies.


As a network marketing professional I have been watching the emergence of this new phenomenon we call network marketing online with great interest and I have to say, I am extremely excited by what I see.

Simply, the way I see it is like this……..

The opportunity exists for all those who are prepared to learn new skills and work hard, to take their network marketing business or business from home to a whole new level via the online world!

Those involved in the network marketing or home business industry are perfectly positioned to leverage 'big time' off the ground swell created by the combination of the internet and network marketing - two totally complementary business models that work side by side and have the potential to create unprecedented opportunity for astute business entrepreneurs.


The potential for individual and corporate success to come out of the network marketing online revolution is massive!

It is up to each and every network marketing professional to recognize the signs and take advantage of what could be the biggest revolution and growth explosion the industry has ever experienced.

Never before has there been so many factors fall into place at the same time that has the potential to totally revolutionize the way business is done. You could say that for network marketing it's created the 'Perfect Storm'.

Edward Ludbrook, the world's leading Network Marketing Strategist discusses in his book The Big Picture - Why Network Marketing is boomingthe significance of 'Industry Life Cycles' and how this relates to network marketing. All industries have a life cycle and the network marketing industry is no exception.

As an industry moves forward it needs to adapt and respond to the market place in order to not only survive but to grow and reach its true potential. Network marketing is at a time in its history where the market place is changing and the way people do business within this environment is also evolving and breaking new ground.

Internet marketing strategies are having a huge impact on the way business is being done in general.

In today's world this is impacting all business models, not the least of which is network marketing.

If you haven't observed this trend, then it's time to open your eyes.

New Wave in Network Marketing
New Wave

If you have observed it but you choose to ignore it, then you do so at your own peril!

We are riding the crest of a wave, a new wave in the way network marketing is done and as many transition their businesses to capitalize on the revolution of network marketing online, you need to position yourself to take part in this incredibly exciting new phase of the network marketing industry life cycle.

This new phase of taking network marketing online has the potential to not only revolutionize the industry but also YOUR network marketing business.

It's absolutely 'over the top exciting' actually, and NOW is the time to move your business in this direction if significant success is something on your radar!

But I get a feeling you need more convincing, am I right?

Let me give you some good reasons why you might want to incorporate network marketing online into the marketing plan for YOUR business.


Network marketing professionals are very used to passing fads and I wouldn't blame you if you are feeling cautious about yet another business building path that is being recommended. However, there are some sound reasons based on several emerging trends that will help you evaluate the potential of network marketing online as an option well worth your consideration.


In the few years I have been involved in the industry I have seen various network marketing systems come and go. Some people succeed using certain systems, and others fail. So it's not surprising that many network marketers are just a little cautious about what might appear to be just another passing fad and therefore be reluctant to invest their time and money in something new, yet again.

As a network marketing professional myself, I have seen many changes within my own business - changes that have led me to take a long hard look at the direction of my business, and the various trends that are having an affect in some way.

It is important to me that I am very clear about what might have the potential to impact my network marketing business both from a positive and negative perspective going forward.

Because I have worked long and hard to build a solid and successful network marketing business I have a huge interest in protecting this. Some of the changes I am observing in my own business I believe have the potential to undermine that success, particularly if I fail to open my eyes and respond to the trends.

Network Marketing Online
Network Marketing Online
So, in order to be proactive about the future of my network marketing business I asked myself some very important questions in an effort to evaluate the trends that might impact my business both now and in the future.

Below are some of the factors I have personally considered as I evaluate my business growth and marketing strategies for the future. They are all factors that I know impact my network marketing business in some way and are therefore significant to my future business planning.

These are factors that impact everyone in network marketing and home business so it's important that you consider them also in relation to your unique business situation!


What are the current trends that someone in network marketing or home based business should consider to ensure they are well informed and therefore able to make strategic decisions about their future business growth opportunities?

The most significant trends seem to fall into the following areas?

  1. Buying online - The way products and services are marketed and sold?

  2. Research - The way consumers research and buy products and services?

  3. Brand Awareness - Establishing brand awareness and building consumer trust and confidence?

  4. Target Markets - Reaching specific target markets - in other words, finding the people who are already looking for what you have?

  5. Personal Development - How learning, skill development and career development planning for people in business is accessed?

It is not the purpose of this website to give you a detailed analysis of each of these trends, however I can give you a brief overview from my own experience that I am sure you will find helpful as you consider each of these trends for yourself and your own unique business.

The overwhelming common denominator in each of the trends identified above is that the Internet is continuing to play an ever increasing role.

Think about how the Internet may have a potential impact in light of each of the trends listed above:

  1. Buying Online - Consumers can buy just about any product or service they can think of online today.

  2. Research - An ever growing number of consumers choose to research products and services online before they make their decision to purchase and then when they do decide to buy, they often do so online.

  3. Brand Awareness - Both large corporate companies and small businesses can reach a global market place and build their brand so that people know and trust it all over the world. Using the various tools and strategies available online allows them to do this incredibly effectively and for minimal or no cost.

    The Internet has made a global market place available for anyone and everyone who wants to access it. Never before has there been such an equal playing field for everyone in business.

    Internet Marketing Strategies
    Internet Strategies

  4. Target Markets - Using a range of highly effective internet marketing strategies allows businesses both large and small to attract specific customers to them.

    They can use a process of 'attraction marketing' and 'pre-selling' to bring them 'red hot' prospects for their products or services. These are potential customers who are already interested in a particular product or service and are therefore out there on the internet looking. Because they are out there looking they have gained a level of information and education about the product or service they are interested in, and this may ultimately lead them to make the buying decision.

    The environment of doing business online allows businesses to apply the principles of 'attraction marketing' in order to reach their specific target market with ease. They can implement strategies for building consumer trust and confidence and follow a process of pre-selling which ultimately leads to making the sale!

  5. Personal Development - An ever increasing number of business owners are looking for personal development solutions online in today's world. This means they access programs and support for learning, up-skilling and career development from the comfort of their own home and they do this for minimal and sometimes no cost.

    This is particularly relevant for network marketing and home business owners who are looking for convenient and cost effective solutions for their personal development and subsequently their business growth strategies.

So when I review these trends I have to ask myself:

How, as a network marketing business owner can I capitalize on what is happening online and use this information to take my business to the next level in a way that is relevant and effective in today's world?

When I compare these trends to the strategies I used to build my network marketing business initially, and this was only a few years ago, I see there have been some significant changes within a relatively short period of time.

Recognizing these changes and responding appropriately by implementing network marketing online strategies is I believe key to the continued success of EVERYONE who chooses to join network marketing today!


In her Ebook, The Renegade Network Marketer, author Ann Sieg blows wide open some of the myths around network marketing business practices and opens the flood gates for all network marketers to consider network marketing online as a valid and effective option for building a sustainable network marketing business.

Think about these questions for a minute. Have you ever asked yourself........

  • Did the network marketing Super Stars just get lucky, or do they know the secret to mlm success that everyone else is looking for?
  • What are the Super Stars doing that I'm not?
  • Did the Super Stars just get lucky?
  • Do the Super Stars just know all the right people?
  • Why haven't I experienced the kind of success the network marketing Super Stars have?

The answer to these questions and many more can be found in the fascinating E-book "The Renegade Network Marketer" The Renegade Network Marketer is a MUST READ for all network marketers, those involved in network marketing online and business owners in general!

Read a full review of "The Renegade Network Marketer" E-book here

You see, network marketing online is NOT a passing fad!

Network marketing online is an incredibly exciting new phenomenon!

It is already creating the next wave of success within this continually evolving industry!

I think most people would agree………

The internet is here to stay and the way people use the internet in business today is growing, and growing exponentially!

Failure to recognize this trend is almost suicidal for business!

It is therefore important that as a network marketer you seriously consider integrating network marketing online strategies into your business plan to ensure the long term sustainability of your business

Personally, I am totally committed to ensuring that I am prepared to adapt to the ever changing world of business and secure my own ongoing network marketing business success. For this reason I have included in my marketing plan a number of internet marketing strategies.

This website you are reading right now is just one example of how I am integrating both online and offline strategies for developing multiple income streams and continuing to build my network marketing business.

Understanding the significance of network marketing online is pivotal for my continued business success and I would suggest that it is pivotal for yours also!

It is important that you take the time to explore the wide range of internet marketing strategies available to you today in order to fully realize the potential of transforming your network marketing business into a true E-business and therefore securing your ongoing business success.


Network marketing online enables you as a network marketer to:

  1. Learn about the significance of niche marketing and how this relates to your network marketing online initiatives
  2. Develop online marketing skills

  3. Establish your own unique brand as a platform for attracting customers to you!
  4. Develop an online business presence

  5. Tap into opportunities for developing multiple income streams as a vehicle for ongoing investment in the future growth of your business

Network marketing online is an incredible business building strategy that opens the doors for anyone involved in network marketing or home based business to hop on board this express ride to unlimited potential for success!

Including network marketing online as part of your business plan is undoubtedly one of the smartest things you could do to secure your future in the network marketing industry!

It seems self evident that network marketing online will change the face of the industry forever!

Are you going to be part of the revolution?

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