Almost Everyone is DEAD WRONG about
how MLM Training REALLY WORKS!

So if that's really true, how come mlm training is one of the first things most people ask about when they start an mlm business? It's as if they have some vague idea or expectation of how this training will assist them to build their business.

Well, I think it is fair to say that most people believe that mlm training is something that's part of the package deal - it comes with joining your network marketing company, so naturally there is a sense of expectation that it WILL BE PROVIDED.

Often a great proportion of mlm training sponsored by network marketing companies is either FREE or very reasonably priced to allow distributors easy access. It is very commonly part of the "Sales Pitch" that is used to hook people into a particular network marketing company - no doubt you've heard this………

"We offer our distributors FREE TRAINING when they join our company"

Sounds pretty tempting right! After all, if you've ever had to complete any kind of training for a particular career, occupation or job you know it almost NEVER comes FREE! So this sounds like a pretty attractive offer!

However, I am sure you will agree with me - most genuine network marketing companies provide mlm training opportunities via comprehensive training systems to their distributors.

Click on the image below to see a great example of just that!

In other words, there are often many company sponsored events that include training seminars run by:

  • Staff who work for the network marketing company at a corporate level, and
  • Leaders from the field - that is, people who have built their own successful network marketing business and can offer huge value to new distributors because of their experience

This is the way new and experienced distributors can learn about:

  • The company
  • The products
  • The compensation plan

To be fair, the training I am talking about here is very important and it is done best by the company and its leaders from the field - they are experienced and well equipped to provide "information" about these key areas.

Most reputable network marketing companies recognize the importance of network marketing education for the success of their distributors and subsequent success of the company. Offering a finely tuned and professional training program is something that goes with the territory and is mandatory for long term distributor and company success.

However, the way this is approached and the standard offered will vary from company to company.

My advice………

When choosing a network marketing company .........

Make sure you look very closely at the mlm training

program they are offering as part of their package deal

Think about what's in it for YOU!

  • What are they offering that will assist YOU to become highly successful in YOUR network marketing business?
  • Is their mlm training program based purely on providing information as apposed to opportunities for YOU to develop competence in the skills necessary to be successful in YOUR business?
  • Do they provide new distributors with a network marketing guide or distributor handbook which documents their mlm training program and serves as an ongoing career development resource for YOU?

Now you might not be able to TICK all the boxes on this list for YOUR network marketing company, but all is NOT lost!

Network marketing companies may provide some of the components of mlm training as referred to here, but their may also be some gaps.

So what do you do in this case………? Honestly………

There is a plethora of mlm training & mlm coaching options out there for you, but………



You need to be sure that whatever training courses you select or

coaching programs you get involved with………

These programs MUST be able to


YOUR time is incredibly valuable and TIME is MONEY in this business!

So you don't want to waste one minute of YOUR precious time on any part of an mlm training program that you don't need to undertake. You should be focusing on:

  • Developing new knowledge and skills
  • Refining or building on knowledge and skills you already have

This will enable you to become competent in all the skills necessary for YOUR business and therefore ensure YOUR success as a network marketing business owner!

Quite simply, to build the foundations of

success for YOUR business………

YOU MUST make sure your

mlm training is targeted to YOUR needs!

So going back to what I said earlier………

Most reputable network marketing companies will provide relatively comprehensive training programs on:

  • The company
  • The products
  • The compensation Plan

Most network marketing companies and many network marketing leaders will tell you that this is pretty much all you need to be successful and build the business of your dreams.

However, I hope you can see there is a slight discrepancy here between a skills focused mlm training program and the kinds of training events and seminars most network marketing companies make available.

Don't get me wrong………I am not saying that these events and seminars are not of any value, of course they are, and they a very important part of building your knowledge base for future business success.

However, they are NOT the complete picture………"there's a very vital missing link"………more about that in a minute!

You know, many people just DON'T GET IT!

How could they be so wrong about

how mlm training really works?

Before we address this question specifically, think about this………

How do most people learn and become competent in performing the skills they will use on the job to build their business?

  • Is it by sitting in a seminar listening to a speaker and taking notes?
  • Is it by listening to an audio CD or watching a DVD?
  • Is it by reading a book or some kind of informational resource?
  • Is it by talking to people with more knowledge and experience than them?
  • Is it by watching what a skilled person does and listening to what they say?

SURE………ALL these ways of learning are important and relevant and many of them are used extensively by network marketing companies to "Train" their distributors.The problem is……… this is often where the "training" stops!

If that is the case for you, then alarm bells should be ringing!

So back to the question I posed before………

How do most people learn and become competent in performing the skills they will use on the job to build their business?

Most people develop skills and

competence by "DOING"!

The only way to become competent in the skills required to build a successful network marketing business that will stand the test of time is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE some more until necessary skills can be performed totally independently!

Now, that's not to say that you don't get started on your business until you are completely competent and totally independent, NOT AT ALL! In fact you can't build your skills to a level of competence until you actually put what you have learned into practice.

Sometimes you'll get it right, other times you won't, but you keep on practicing never the less!

I'm sure you've heard the age old expression "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT"!

So having the opportunity to practice until you get it right is like serving an apprenticeship!

You should follow a predetermined career development plan, tailored for your learning needs and through various learning methods including those described above you:

  • Have access to experts who will demonstrate processes and skills
  • Practice skills with guidance and support "off the job" in workshop environments
  • Practice "On the Job"
  • Work with the support of a coach and/or support team
  • Build your skills to a level of competence and professional excellence

So why is almost everyone DEAD WRONG

about how mlm training really works?

Simple Answer

They don't connect the dots!

They don't connect the importance of

skill development and competence

with network marketing business success

Therefore they don't factor this SIMPLE STEP

into the mlm training equation!

Let's get real here………how can YOU possibly be expected to start YOUR network marketing business and:

  • Know everything YOU need to know?
  • Be able to do everything YOU need to be able to do?

And, how can you possibly do anything without following a career plan whichidentifies what knowledge you need to have and which skills sets you need to build?

This is NOT REASONABLE, I'm afraid!

How do YOU get YOUR business off base one, let alone, build it into the finely tuned machine that's required to get the business success I am sure you aspire too?

It's a bit of a joke really - no other profession I know of expects their trainees/apprentices etc to learn by osmosis and without demonstrating skill transfer on the job before they can receive certification………but I have to say, the network marketing industry is pretty good at this!

Here's a little myth for you………

"All you have to do is attend company and leader "training", which generally works like this - they talk, you listen (a bit like the old days in school really) and then by some miracle you are supposed to just get out there in the field and make it all happen………and of course the money will come rolling in like pennies from heaven"!

Sorry folks………that is NOT the real world of business, and it never will be!

Now, there's just one more little myth I want to get clear before we finally look at some mlm training secrets most network marketing companies and leaders from the field will not tell you!

Just hang on to your hats, this won't take a minute and it's important you understand this before we move on.

Here it is………most network marketers will have experienced this familiar cry from their upline leaders………

"So you're not sure what to do and your business hasn't even got off base one"


"You've hit a stone wall and your business is just NOT growing the way it used too"

Then it's off to the latest "motivational training seminar" for you!

"The latest motivational guru is in town, haven't you heard? Wow, he's just turning people's lives and businesses around, and I know he will do this for you too.

This training is going to get you bouncing off your seat with excitement about your future and just jumping over all those barriers to your success and through every hoop you can imagine, because guess what, "YOU WILL BELIEVE IN YOURSELF" and you will be filled with that feeling of "I CAN DO ANYTHING" and "I AM INVINCABLE", and, and, and………"

You get the picture I'm sure!

Once again, don't get me wrong………there is most certainly a place for this type of training. Many people find the personal development they gain from such programs is life changing.

However, the mistake is made when motivation training is touted as the only way to "FIX" what ails you! In other words, you can't use the same medicine for every ailment!

So here's THREE KEY mlm training SECRETS that most

network marketing companies and field leaders will not tell you!

These THREE KEY SECRETS have huge potential to help heal YOUR wounds:

  • Diagnose the problem using suitable diagnostic tools - in this case, a competency framework which identifies all the knowledge and skills required to build your business
  • Assess your level of health against what is considered normal - in other words, rate your personal level of competence for each skill identified as necessary against what is considered to be an acceptable standard for your company or for the industry in general - how do you measure up?
  • Prescribe a targeted solution - you and your mlm coach or support team should work in consultation to decide an appropriate mlm training solution that will meet YOUR learning and skill development needs, not someone else's needs, YOUR needs!

This ensures that learning is PLANNED and TARGETED

NOT Ad-Hoc and Irrelevant!

Targeted Learning

+ Skill Development

= Competence

= Business Success!

So what are some targeted solutions for developing the skills you may need to build YOUR highly successful network marketing business?

Any mlm training program that is worth you investing your time and money in should be built on the following foundational elements:

  • Competency Framework
  • Competency Assessment

At the end of the day, skill development needs will be as many and varied as there are people involved in this industry.

However ………

There are some foundational programs that almost EVERYONE should consider at certain points in their network marketing career. Competence to a level of professional excellence is not mandatory in all areas, but you should at the very least develop a fundamental understanding of each of these necessary business skills.

However, if you really want to see your business soar, you should embark on a program to develop your skills to the highest level so you are totally competent and able to undertake these business practices independently.

As CEO of your own business, your mlm training program should be top priority and an integral part of your short and long term career development plan.

Skill development programs such as those identified here provide the opportunity for people in business to become true professionals, no matter what business they are in. And believe me, network marketing is no exception!

If you are looking for outstanding results in your business then you need to include in your career development plan learning and skill development strategies for achieving a level of competence in each of the following key areas:

  • Technical Skills, including but not limited to:
  • Basic Computer Skills - Tips, hints and basic computer skills for new computer users

  • Operation of Financial Management Systems
  • Using time management tools
  • Management of business systems and processes as used by your Network Marketing company

  • Team Building
  • Coaching Skills
  • Project Management

There are no doubt a host of other business skills programs that people in network marketing may consider. The sky is the limit really!

However, there is a litmus test that you can apply. You must apply this test to help you evaluate any mlm training program that might come your way.

Before you embark on any mlm training programs ask yourself this question………

Is this mlm training program going to assist ME

to build the skills identified on MY Career Development Plan,

those skills that have been identified as essential

for the ultimate success of MY network marketing business?

If not, proceed with caution!

If so, it's full steam ahead!

Enjoy the exciting journey that mlm training can offer!

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