The secret of mlm success revealed!

So what's the great mystery about mlm success? Has it been kept under wraps, or is the answer to this question becoming more and more visible?

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Have you ever wondered why so many people rave about their own mlm success, while for others it appears to be a huge enigma? Is it like a secret club - some are in the know and others are not?

Well just between you and me, I think there is a bit of a "secret society" going on in some circles of the industry………but the exciting news is, there is no mystery at all, you just have to dig to find the nuggets.

If you are new to the industry or maybe considering it as an option for the future you will no doubt be thinking about this question in terms of your own potential to experience success in this industry. Good on you for taking the time to explore this - it is very important!

There are a number of factors that contribute to mlm success for individuals - all of which we will explore in depth throughout this website. However, in order for you to fully understand how YOU personally can experience success, you must first get a feel for:

  • Why network marketing (mlm) as an industry has gained significant recognition and acceptance, particularly in recent decades, and

  • Why both individuals and companies now see the huge potential of the network marketing business model for success.

I am sure you want to know why you can "hang your hat" on network marketing with confidence as you explore ways to lock-in your own mlm success.

Well congratulations, you picked the right place to come……

You may have guessed by now that I am very passionate about this industry and I have learned a lot in my own personal journey to mlm success…… experience has taught me:

  • Discovering the truth on mlm is NOT about - the latest craze, tapping into the "flavor of the month" strategy, or lining up to hear the hottest industry guru in a never ending quest to uncover those elusive gold nuggets of network marketing success!!

  • There WILL BE BOOBY TRAPS along the way - those annoying little things that sneak up on you when you least expect it and in some way have a negative impact on your success. And the most annoying thing about that is, you never saw those sneaky gremlins coming!!!

  • SUCCESS SECRETS - the things that blow your socks off when you realize how realistic it is to achieve mlm success, but leave you wondering why no-one ever let you in on these little gems!!

Don't despair……all will be revealed!

So what is the key to mlm success?

Let's cut to the chase!

Guess what - it's really not that complex, but I do believe that for some people it requires a bit of a mind shift.

Before we go any further, let's get clear on one BIG misconception about mlm success!

If you have ever been told that you can reach the pinnacles of mlm success by working 5 to 10 hours a week and just talking to your friends and family, "sharing your passion" for your company and your company products with everyone that comes within 3 feet of you, get over it!!!

BE WARNED……… this is one of those BOOBY TRAPS I alluded to!

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The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Back to my question - what's the key to mlm success?

Well, those success secrets I mentioned are well worth looking into so you can really have a fool proof plan for success, but the one thing that rings out loud and clear is simply this………

mlm Success is all about BUSINESS!

Oops, did I say something shocking, did I offend anyone! Gosh, I really hope not, but I need you to understand this extremely important point.

Sure mlm success is about building relationships with your customers and your business associates, but isn't any business like that? Some businesses do this well, others do not, but the underlying message is, if you want to be successful in business you build relationships with your customers.

However, if you are joining a network marketing company so you can be in business for yourself then BE IN BUSINESS is what you must be!

Business is all about exchanging products or services for profit - like it or not!

So the key to mlm success is recognizing that network marketing is a BUSINESS and then taking whatever steps you need to take to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to build that business for success.

Adopting this mind-set is crucial to your success and should underpin everything that you do in your network marketing career.

So with that in mind let's revisit the questions I posed earlier………

  • Why has network marketing (mlm) as an industry gained significant recognition and acceptance, particularly in recent decades?

  • Why are both individuals and companies now seeing the huge potential of the network marketing business model for mlm success?

The short answer………Business Best Practices!

Yes, you read right, both network marketing companies and independent distributors who represent those companies are treating business as business. They recognize the need to adopt business best practices to ensure both present and ongoing success in this industry.

In other words network marketing has joined the world of REAL BUSINESS and WOW, is it reaping the rewards - BIG TIME!

The network marketing industry has evolved to the point where it has become one of the successful players in the world of big business. A number of factors within network marketing itself have contributed to this, but there have also been outside influences such as lifestyle changes in society, economics and of course technology.

However success for network marketing companies and their independent distributors can be attributed in part to standards within the industry itself. The bar has been well and truly raised!

Let's take a closer look!

Why is network marketing gaining credibility and respect from both individuals and the business world?

What network marketing trends get our attention and demonstrate how the industry has moved with the times?

  • Traditional business adopts the network marketing business model - There are a number of examples of traditional companies entering the network marketing arena - they have recognized the advantages of integrating the mlm business model with their existing operation. Some traditional businesses have set up network marketing arms of their business, others have are working on joint venture initiatives with network marketing companies. Whatever route they take, the interesting point here is that network marketing is seen as a credible and effective business model within the more traditional business circles.

  • Technology and the Internet - network marketing has leaped into the new millennium with an enthusiasm for new technology and business systems which support the development and growth of the industry.

    The internet has opened the flood gates for network marketing by facilitating:

  • Patented Products - more and more network marketing companies are offering their customers and independent distributors patented products which set them apart from their competitors.

  • Distribution - as network marketing companies offer their products direct to customers they are not only reducing costs by removing layers of middle men as compared to the retail sales model, but are also providing a customer experience through the unique business model of independent distributors who provide ongoing support to their personal customer base.

  • Management - many network marketing companies are investing significantly in employing business experts at a corporate level. These are often people who have worked in other industries and bring with them extensive knowledge and skills and in so doing, impact the performance not only of the company which has employed them, but contribute to the overall success of the network marketing (mlm) industry.

  • Business Practice - as a result of employing skilled management and technical experts, network marketing companies are incorporating strategic planning and business systems into their overall corporate operation and in so doing support growth and long term success. This adds a whole new professional flare to the industry.

  • Going Global - the advent of the internet has opened up global markets for network marketing companies increasing not only the opportunity for the company itself to grow significantly, but most uniquely, offering the opportunity for independent distributors to build their business internationally. This is a very attractive benefit to independent distributors and yet another aspect of success within the network marketing industry.

  • Going Public - in a tough competitive world it is important for companies to grow their market share and as a means to increasing funds for future development and growth, many network marketing companies have joined the financial markets. This builds industry credibility and long term industry success.

  • Training - mlm training is a necessary part of ongoing network marketing success. Many companies provide the opportunity for free mlm and company specific training via company events. More importantly however is the need to raise the skill level of independent distributors to the level of professional excellence once again impacting the perception and credibility of the industry and overall mlm success.

  • Network marketing online - with the world of cyber space well and truly entrenched in society today, doing business online is starting to really make an impact on mlm success.

Well that is pretty much the secret of mlm success revealed!

No magic bullet and certainly no get rich quick scheme!

The true secret of mlm success is based on a formula of skill development and competence which are the 'tried and true' principles of all business success!

I believe that network marketing today has evolved and emerged into a respectable and credible industry. As a result we are seeing more and more professionals joining both at a corporate and independent distributor level and finding an exciting career path with the potential for significant success.

But guess what………there is a further industry evolution emerging………a ground swell for change, change that will take the industry to even greater heights.

It is change based on learning the skills of 'attraction marketing' for mlm success!

I know this trend will provide an even greater opportunity for many more people to experience success as they tap into a network marketing system that is based on a framework of learning skills and becoming competent - supported of course by coaching and mentoring to ensure skills are applied on the job and ultimately form a solid base for mlm success.

Does this sound a bit "over the top" to you? After all, isn't network marketing something you can do in your spare time - does it sound a bit too much like hard work?

Remember what I said earlier - the secret to mlm success today is that the industry now operates at a very professional level based on skills and competence!

Network Marketing is a business remember, and that is what you are doing when you choose network marketing as a career - you are choosing to build a business - no getting away from it I'm afraid - those are the cold hard facts. This is how the rest of the business world does things, so why should network marketing (mlm) have it's foundations on anything less.

A skill development and competence based approach to mlm success (underpinned by coaching) is still in its infancy, but gaining rapid momentum. It represents the key to future industry growth and is the most exciting thing that could happen for individuals looking to join the industry today.

If you are really looking for that "jewel in the crown" of mlm success, then you have just struck gold!

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