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If you're anything like me when I first started my network marketing business, mlm coaching was the last thing on my mind. In fact I didn't really know it existed as such, even though I came from a background in adult education.

I was HUNGRY for information and eager to get my business off base one!

Yet, despite my eagerness to run before I could walk, mlm coaching was not part of MY world???

I soon became fanatical about learning as much as I could about my company, its products and its compensation plan. The more I learnt the more passionate and excited I was about my business opportunity!

I just wanted to GET STARTED! I was like a dog with a bone - no way was I going to give this up - WOW, how stupid would that be!

I was going to exhaust every possible avenue of learning about this industry and my network marketing company until I reached the pinnacle of success and built the business of my dreams.

Yet, despite my excitement and commitment, mlm coaching had not entered MY world???

I was very fortunate that my upline recognized and understood my passion and very happily feed my addiction for new and exciting information. Gosh, you should have seen my Email Inbox - it started to look alarmingly like an encyclopedia about my network marketing company as my upline continued to send me daily tidbits.

I loved every minute of this new and exciting journey. I would soak up any information I could lay my hands on and it wasn't long before I started to understand the significance of what I was learning.

Yet, despite my hunger for new information, mlm coaching was not a feature of MY world???

So, picture this………

Someone new to network marketing………excited about their company, the products, the compensation plan and the industry in general. I was just dying to keep this a "SECRET" right?

WRONG! How stupid would I be!

So of course like millions of other network marketers out there I did what I had learnt through my company leaders - I told everyone I knew about this earth shattering discovery I had made. And don't get me wrong, it was earth shattering! BUT………

I had learnt my first important network marketing LESSON and my first network marketing LIE all packaged into one.

"TALK TO EVERYONE you come in contact with about how they can change their life through your business opportunity whether they're interested or not!"

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So, I continued to diligently follow the advice of my company leaders, my upline, and what was being taught through the plethora of industry resources out there in the market place!

Yet, despite following this advice, mlm coaching was not a deliberate strategy in MY world???

Believe it or not, through sheer determination and guts I pushed forward and to cut a long story short, I built a large network marketing business in a relatively short period of time.

Now, I have to concede, my background as an adult educator had taught me some fundamental lessons about how people learn, business best practice and business strategy, all of which I applied in some way to my network marketing business. Looking back on this now and with the benefit of hindsight, I see that taking this approach did in part contribute to my "rapid rise to fame" as it were!

Yet, despite my early and rapid business growth success, a strategic system of mlm coaching had not made its grand entrance into MY world???

You can imagine my elation - this business model really works, this company is the best thing since sliced bread and I am set for life - Right………?


At this point you are probably thinking………what's the problem, this picture looks pretty good, what could possibly be wrong with this? You've just finished telling me:

  • You've learnt heaps,
  • You're excited and passionate about your company, its products and its business opportunity,
  • Your upline is keeping you in the loop and providing you with good quality information,
  • You have access to great company and industry training,
  • Your business has grown rapidly and
  • You are realizing your goals

What's so wrong with this picture?

I wouldn't be surprised if you're thinking………"I'd settle for that picture any day!" Right?

Well maybe you would be over the moon if your experience in network marketing just vaguely resembled mine……… and you could be forgiven for thinking aspects of my journey sound pretty much typical for many people involved in network marketing.

Let me just give you a clue as to why I was not totally secure with the way my business was heading.

What about this thing called mlm coaching?

I had achieved a measure of success in my network marketing business but there was NO STRATEGIC MLM COACHING PROGRAM that had been part of my experience.

Well, this is where the rubber hit the road for me!

Sure, my business had grown, I'd achieved many of my goals, but the challenge that I faced was SUSTAINABILITY!

Now believe me, when you put your heart and soul into building a large network marketing business over several years you want it to last………and you want it to last for a lifetime, right? Well I sure did!

I could see cracks starting to form in my foundations and that worried be significantly!

I don't want to bore you with the details but in short………I realized that in order for my business to endure long term and provide me with sustainable residual income into my retirement and beyond, I needed to:

  • Go back to the proven principles of business success that I had been exposed to in my life as an adult educator.

  • Explore how applying these principles to my own network marketing business could change the dynamics of my business and ultimately impact my final destination.

  • Incorporate coaching skills as one of my core business fundamentals. I recognized how revolutionary yet powerful mlm coaching could be to both individual network marketers and the industry in general.

It was like a major revelation!!!

I instantly recognized how I could breathe long term life into my network marketing business by establishing mlm coaching as an integral part of my business system!

One of the reasons I built this website is to share my experience and expertise with other network marketers in order to "Raise the Bar" of network marketing success and provide the opportunity for people in the industry both old and new to take a fresh look at how we go about doing this business.

So………Here's the scoop!

There are some very important fundamentals YOU need to be aware of so you make sure you don't hit some of the pot holes that I encountered in my journey. Gosh, if I can save you some stress and remove some of the challenges I personally experienced, then I will have achieved more than you can imagine from developing this website.

So let's start with the following fundamentals………

Unless network marketers build their businesses based on an understanding of these realities, life will be difficult, I guarantee it.

You MUST be VERY CLEAR about the following:

  • The difference between training and coaching

  • The difference between an ad-hoc/reactive Vs a strategic/proactive approach to mlm coaching

  • The need for coaching to be based on skill development and competence

  • The long term success and sustainability of YOUR business is firmly rooted in your willingness and ability to develop others to duplicate your efforts. You must coach them to become confident and independent business owners.

  • The most effective way to develop long term sustainable leverage in YOUR business is by fully integrating mlm coaching into your business system

  • Mlm coaching is the glue that molds all other components of YOUR business system together - it's what makes everything stick and be there for the long haul

  • Becoming an mlm success coach yourself is critical to the long term success and sustainability of YOUR business

  • Choosing NOT to integrate mlm coaching into your business system is like building a house of cards - one day it is going to fall over, like it or not!

Ok, so let's move forward and get some clarification on these key concepts.

MLM Coaching Key Concept Number ONE:

What is the difference between training and coaching?

When we talk about training we talk about there being an expectation that the teacher/trainer will train and the pupil will learn.

We expect the teacher/trainer will provide all the relevant information to allow the pupil to learn what is required. Here the onus seems to be more on the teacher than the pupil to take responsibility for the learning that needs to happen.

Should the teacher/trainer not do their job properly, well it is certainly not the pupil's fault………right!

Remember all those awful teachers you had in school - gosh if you only had better teachers you would have passed all your exams right………hmmmm………I know the feeling!

In network marketing the term training is used extensively. In some circumstances it is quite appropriate, in others it is not.

I have heard so many times in my network marketing career the woeful cry of distributors blaming their upline or their company for their lack of success in the industry due to poor training. Guess what, we're all adults now and we can't expect our teachers/trainers to take all the responsibility for our learning and skill development.

Sure as network marketers we need to attend training workshops, seminars, conventions, read, listen and learn. But the most important thing is………

We need to APPLY WHAT WE LEARN to the REAL WORLD of our network marketing business.

We need to hook up with an mlm success coach who can competently coach us to transfer the knowledge and skills we learn to our day to day business operations.

So herein lies the unique difference between training and coaching………

When we talk about coaching we refer to a process of mentoring, supporting and assisting people to apply what they have learned to the real world.

The pupil takes responsibility for their own learning and skill transfer, the coach supports that process!

In other words, the focus changes


The teacher being responsible for making the whole thing work and for the ultimate success of their pupil


The pupil being responsible for their own learning and success with the support of their coach!

This is a very key message in understanding the unique mlm coaching process and represents a mind-shift for a lot of people.

So let's look at this in a little more detail so you really get your head around this very important difference!

The role of the coach is to COACH

The responsibilities of the coach are to:

  • Provide the systems and processes through which mlm coaching, skill development and ultimately competence certification can take place.

  • Support the person being coached using mlm coaching processes and tools to develop competence.

Various mlm coaching processes and tools should be employed to vary learning options and to provide maximum opportunity for skill development. For example, the following are a range of choices that could be made available:

  • Coaching handbooks
  • Self assessment guides
  • Workshops
  • Procedural guides
  • Practice sessions
  • Roles play workshops
  • Webinars
  • Conference calls
  • Mastermind groups
  • Special projects etc, etc………

The role of the person being coached is to LEARN, DEVELOP SKILLS and become COMPETENT.

The responsibilities of the person being coached are to:

  • Commit to the coaching program

  • Take responsibility for their own learning

  • Proactively practice and transfer skills by making a conscious choice to integrate these skills into daily business operations

  • Fully Participate in an mlm coaching program which is based on skill development and competence and which will support short and long term career development and ultimately network marketing business success!

MLM Coaching Key Concept Number TWO:

What's the difference between an ad-hoc/reactive Vs a strategic/proactive approach to mlm coaching

A lot of "training" that happens in network marketing is ad-hoc and sometimes reactive. It can be a bit of a hit and miss affair and for that reason it often misses the target.

So what do I mean by this………?

If there is no mlm coaching system in place based on filling skill and knowledge gaps:

  • There is no clear path to follow - which may result in a very unplanned approach to skill development. The outcome often means you find yourself running madly to and fro attending this seminar, that workshop, a training event here, a convention there………randomly stabbing in the dark at what you think you need to build your business.

  • There can be huge gaps in competence - when you realize you don't know something or are not confident in certain skills the temptation exists to rush off to the next course or training event that you think will solve your problem.

Now even if the content of the training you receive is "spot on", and sometimes it is not:

  • How will you go about applying what you have learnt to your business, and

  • Who will monitor your progress and determine your level of competence?

You could still end up missing the target even though you have the bow and arrow!

Sometimes network marketing training programs can even be touted as the silver bullet!

FINALLY, the answer to how to build YOUR business and succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Unfortunately there is a plethora of that kind of stuff out there, you don't have to look far and it can be hugely confusing for the novice network marketer. But worst of all, occasionally network marketing training programs can be misleading and full of false promises.

So how do you know what you're looking for?

How do you find the REAL DEAL?

In complete contrast to ad-hoc/reactive training, a strategic/proactive approach to mlm coaching is based on:

  • A competency framework which identifies all the knowledge and skills required at each level of YOUR network marketing career

  • A self assessment guide which provides a framework for assessing YOUR current competence Vs YOUR desired competence

  • A career development plan which identifies what YOU will do to fill the gaps

  • Sound and proven principles of skill development , which involves learning, practicing and becoming competent.

MLM Coaching Key Concept Number Three:

Why should mlm coaching be based on skill development and competence?

Well, the way I see it is this, it's very simple really………

Do you feel comfortable doing something you are not yet competent to do?

I sure don't, I feel very insecure!

What about business builders in your network marketing business - how do you think they might feel if they are expected to start building their business but there are certain things they just don't know how to do?

Now, let's get real here, they're not going to be super confident when they set out to talk to their first prospect are they? And what's going to happen if they don't know what they are doing and they just wing it and hope for the best?

The short answer is………you may have what could have been a distributor with huge potential crawling into their shell never to emerge again. And how good is that going to be for your business?

And by the way, if you're hoping for results in your "bottom line" from incompetent distributors, it ain't gonna happen!

So there are some very solid reasons why mlm coaching should have its foundation built on skill development and competence as apposed to train, train and more ad-hoc training which is not necessarily based on any solid analysis of the skill sets required or the skill level of the individual distributor.

It's a bit like doing an apprenticeship really - think about the process like this:

  • You learn about what you need to know through your mlm coaching program

  • You practice new skills with the support of your mlm coach

  • You participate in relevant training events and programs to build your knowledge and skill base

  • You practice some more

  • You demonstrate that you are competent "on the job" through the results you produce in your business

  • You move to the next level in your career plan, then

  • You repeat the process at each level of your career plan, all under the supervision of your mlm coach until you are competent to run your own ship. Finally,

  • You become competent in all levels of your career plan and therefore an independent business owner, now

  • You are the mlm coach running business leadership coaching and guess what………

YOU are now ready to experience duplication in your business and are poised for massive business growth!

This is good for everyone's bottom line - YOURS, Your upline leader's and your team of distributors!


So how do you make this a reality!

My Advice………

Be VERY SELECTIVE about the mlm coaching system you employ in YOUR business!

Remember, this is YOUR business and YOUR future - YOU make the choices!

Just make sure you carefully evaluate your business coaching options to ensure you choose a model that will stand the test of time and enable you to build a solid foundation for success.

To help you in this process of evaluation ask yourself.........

Does the mlm coaching model I am considering for my own development and for the development of my network marketing team contain the following foundational elements of business success?

  • A competency framework - that identifies mandatory skills and performance standards required at various career development levels

  • A self assessment process - a guide for measuring an individual's current performance Vs their desired performance against specific performance criteria

  • A Career Development Plan - a model for recording performance improvement strategies and establishing a professional development blueprint for business success


Do NOT choose an mlm coaching program which is based purely on the latest and greatest mlm tool, system or fad!

Do your homework and consider all the elements I have recommended here!

Believe me, if you follow this advice, you will NOT be disappointed!

Make sure your network marketing business is built on a firm foundation of mlm coaching - one that meets all the criteria presented here.

Don't settle for false promises or silver bullets!

Breathe life into your network marketing business system by tapping into a mlm coaching model that's founded on developing skills and competence and helps you to establish YOUR personal Career Development Plan!

To embark on the ultimate mlm coaching experience I highly recommend you get started TODAY!

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