Make Money From Home and
Be the Master of 
Your Own Destiny!

Why are so many people today choosing to make money from home as a means to creating the lifestyle of their dreams?

Once seen as attractive mainly to stay at home parents who wanted to have an income source while caring for young children, the option to make money from home has continued to grow in popularity over time and now extends to people in all walks of life for all manner of reasons.

Having joined the ranks of the making money from home brigade several years ago in an attempt to improve my family lifestyle and long term income potential, I am pleased to say that I have personally experienced the many benefits that attracted me to this option in the first place.

But what has been of particular interest to me over time is the number of people I have observed who are starting to see home based business as a viable and credible option for both lifestyle reasons and income generation.

Making money from home is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many people. It continues to gain acceptance as a feasible option for both primary income generation and a way to earn extra income, while at the same time providing considerable lifestyle benefits.

Home based businesses offer a number of benefits and are attracting a wide cross section of people from many countries around the world. From the:

  • student who wants to support their tertiary study program, to the
  • business entrepreneur, to the
  • stay at home parent, to the
  • qualified professional, to the
  • retiree
  • etc, etc………

All are gaining significant benefits from choosing to make money from home!

How do many highly successful WORK AT HOME MOM's make money from home

One of the sectors of society where making money from home is becoming increasingly popular is the group we fondly refer to as “work at home moms” or “WAHM’s”.

Particularly with the exponential growth of online businesses, "work at home mom’s" are discovering the perfect vehicle for establishing their own businesses and one that allows them to do this from the comfort of their own home. Not only can they now contribute to the family income while also meeting the needs of their children, but they can also gain huge fulfillment from building a successful online business that provides them the opportunity for both personal and professional satisfaction. And, they can achieve all this without even having to go out their front door! Now that’s HUGE!

There are multiple ways you could go about researching your options if you are someone who fits into the category of a "work at home mom” and you are looking to make money from home, but let me save you a whole bunch of time by giving you my personal recommendation!

I personally use and recommend to others one of the most outstanding vehicles for achieving the ‘work at home mom’ status!

This is one of the best options available for anyone in fact who wants a totally credible and viable option for building a business online. I recommend it for “work at home moms” for a number of reasons not the least of which is the fact that I am personally a ‘work at home mom” (WAHM) and am speaking from my own experience when I tell you this vehicle works and it works incredibly well!

So what is it?

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So why are home based businesses which provide the option to make money from home becoming so popular?

To be honest, I think the reasons are as many and varied as there are people choosing this option. And maybe that gives us a clue as to why making money from home is such a popular choice for people today.

You see the simple fact is, that no matter what your reasons for choosing to make money from home and have a home based business there will be benefits for you!!! So in other words…………

YOU can personally design YOUR lifestyle and be the MASTER of YOUR own destiny when you make money from home!

You know that is what many people are looking for today - it was certainly one of the primary reasons I chose to go down this road myself. Having worked in the corporate world for a number of years in management positions and despite the fact I was earning a great income, I realized that this was not what I wanted to do with my life long term.

I wanted to be in control of my life instead of my life controlling me………

I wanted to chart my own course, enjoy the journey along the way, smell the roses, make a difference in other's lives, experience fully what life has to offer and arrive at my destination feeling that I had achieved what I had set out to do. I knew that the corporate world could not offer this and could not fulfill my dreams.

So I started to explore my options and that is when I discovered making money from home………

Establishing a home based business…………… this was an option full of potential and a way to realize many of my life's goals.

You probably want to know at this point why this option seemed so appealing to me????

What are some of the features and benefits that got me looking seriously at establishing a home based business so I could make money from home?

I want to share with you some of the things I discovered in my quest……my search for an income and lifestyle option that would set me on my desired course for the future and be a vehicle for achieving my goals!

Before I do this I want you to know that I am not the kind of person to jump into the latest trend without doing my research. However, on the other side of the coin I am very quick to grab an opportunity when I see the potential and am confident that the facts stack up!

This is what I discovered when I looked at why working from home was becoming so popular and successful for so many people around the world and why it could also be the case for me!

Why do YOU want to

make money from home?

Here are some of the reasons I got

started in a home based business!

Making money from home in a home based business has a number of features and benefits - here are just a few of them.

Firstly there is the financial stuff - what could making money from home do for your bottom line?

  • Income diversification - allows you to establish multiple streams of income as part of an income portfolio
  • Build residual income from home - gives you the option to establish a business that provides long term residual income potential
  • Minimizing business overheads - if you work from home you do not have the costs of operating a commercial premises
  • Tax Advantages - commonly there are tax incentives for home based businesses
  • Reduced travel costs and the end of long commutes - if you travel to and from work as I did, there may be some savings you can make by not running your vehicle or taking public transport on a daily basis, not to mention the time savings and increased productivity you could experience by eliminating the time you spend in traffic jams every day!

What about the lifestyle benefits of making money from home - once again, here are just a few of many possibilities!

  • YOU decide what your business will be - YOU get to choose the area in which you establish your home based business to make money from home. What are YOU passionate about, what pushes YOUR buttons and gets YOU excited, what would YOU love to be doing every day?
  • YOU set the hours of work - you work when it suits you…… not on the boss's terms. Your professional and family life can be managed in a way that works for you and your family!
  • YOU choose your work mates - YOU get to choose who you work with……so that working is not only productive but heaps of fun!
  • YOU have the flexibility to manage YOUR time - so you can participate in family, leisure and social activities when it suits you, not just on your weekends or days off!

Well, that list is pretty good right!

Enough to peak your interest?

But that is just the tip of the iceberg

What I discovered when I really delved into this whole making money from home thing was that there was one particular business model that really stood out from the rest……

One that not only met all the criteria above, but quite a lot more….

This is what I discovered!

MLM home based business is the BEST choice for making money from home!

This business model is my personal recommendation and here's why!

Well if the list above is not enough for you, here are some more reasons why you should seriously consider using network marketing (mlm) as your vehicle to make money from home.


  • Build your business progressively -If it is your goal to make money from home full time then you don't have to give up your "day job" until you have built your network marketing business to a level that is producing the income you require. So there is NO risk involved in giving it a go!
  • Network marketing can form part of your income portfolio - you don't have to throw out the baby with the bath water! In other words, if you love your job or already have a successful traditional business, you don't have to give that up if you don't want to - making money from home via your network marketing business might form part of your overall income portfolio - a long term investment in your future.
  • Minimal set up costs and no significant overhead - traditional businesses and franchising can be relatively costly to set up, sometimes requiring large capital outlay and bank loans to get started. In contrast, making money from home by getting started in a network marketing business requires minimal start up and ongoing investment.
  • NO Investment in stock - in most network marketing (mlm) opportunities today, there is NO requirement to invest in or carry stock - your customers buy their products direct from your network marketing company.
  • No accounts receivable and accounts payable - because your customers purchase their products direct from your network marketing company there is no need for you to manage and record incoming and outgoing stock, nor is there the need to chase up bad debts!
  • Product research and development - this is all done for you - no investment of your time and money is required to support this aspect of your business.
  • No employee headaches - for anyone who has owned a traditional business or franchise, you will understand the potential challenges that employing staff brings - network marketing frees you of this challenge.

  • No glass ceiling - in other words, this is an equal playing field for all who participate - if you're frustrated with working your tail off for an employer and getting passed over for promotion or job advancement then making money from home in your own network marketing business might be just what you are looking for!
  • Network Marketing Online - in today's "wired world" an increasing number of businesses and industries are taking their business online - network marketing is no exception. This exciting alternative is being embraced by many in the industry alongside the traditional approach.
  • It's Global - with advancements in e-commerce network marketing represents a global business opportunity. Think about how costly this would be to set up yourself if you owned a traditional business making money from home and wanted to expand your business internationally. Many network marketing companies offer the opportunity to build a global business and already have the support systems in place to enable independent distributors to do so with ease!
  • FREE Network Marketing Training - many network marketing companies offer huge support to their independent distributors and this can mean anything from free training programs to a duplicatable network marketing system
  • Network Marketing Industry performance - Analysis of network marketing by experts indicates the industry is both strong and experiencing rapid growth and for this reason can be viewed as a credible and sound option for income diversification and an exciting way to make residual income from home.


  • Equal opportunity for all - no matter what your background, race, religion, age, gender, skills or experience, you have the opportunity to succeed in this industry if you are prepared to take the necessary steps that will ensure your success.
  • Flexibility of schedule - the personal freedom potential offered by making money from home in a network marketing business can not be over-rated. If you work for someone else you work on their terms - you are not in control of your life, your life is often controlling you. This can result in a feeling of isolation from your family and your friends. In contrast, if you make money from home in your own network marketing business YOU have control and YOU can make the choice to spend time with your family and friends when YOU choose! No other business model provides such a level of flexibility.
  • Travel - most network marketing companies offer travel incentives for their independent distributors. This is generally something that you can choose to participate in or not. Having said this, these programs represent amazing FREE travel opportunities which not only are a huge lifestyle advantage but also represent additional income.
  • Personal Development - one of the most significant benefits for anyone who chooses network marketing (as either a full time career option or one of their income streams), is the opportunity for personal growth. There is just no getting away from it - anyone who builds a network marketing home based business will develop new skills and knowledge for future success, no matter what they do in life. So how about that - FREE mlm coaching and training you can't beat that deal! You also have the added benefit that many of the skills learned in this industry can be applied to all aspects of life.

Wow!!! I guess you're thinking - that's some list, right?

Yes, it is, and you can probably even think of other reasons why network marketing is one of the best business models you could use to make money from home. But we have to stop somewhere!

So I am going to wrap this up by simply telling you that during my network marketing career I have personally experienced ALL of the benefits and features covered here! No exaggeration!! No stretching the truth, just real life experience which validates everything I learned in my own quest for the best option to make money from home.

But you know one final thing I need to tell you……

It was extremely exciting when I first got my network marketing business up and running and saw first hand that making money from home really worked using this business model. Now a few years down the track with the benefit of real experience in this industry I am more excited than I have ever been about the potential for the future!!!!

I can't wait to tell you more about what I've learned………some success secrets!

Stay with me as I tell you more about the huge potential that lies ahead for YOU to make money from home using the power of network marketing.

YOU too can design the lifestyle of YOUR dreams and become the master of YOUR own destiny when you make money from home!

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