Effective minute taking
improves team communication!

Effective minute taking is an integral part of running effective meetings.

Without this key resource you cannot expect to get the most out of your business meetings.

Simply, if you do not have an accurate and clear record of discussions that have taken place and agreements made during your team meetings, you are seriously compromising your forward planning, decision making, and business outcomes.

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Effective minute taking improves team communication because everyone involved in your team whether they attend a particular meeting or not, is able to receive an accurate account of what took place during the meeting and make decisions for their business based on solid and accurate information.

If you have ever been responsible for taking minutes at a meeting you will know that the role of minute taker can be a challenge.

Depending on how the meeting is facilitated and whether or not the meeting is being run following a clear and defined process, taking meeting minutes can be one of the most difficult roles you could ever be responsible for in the meeting environment.

Have you ever wondered how to record "Meeting Minutes" more effectively?

Maybe you are someone who is well familiar with note taking, or business report writing but you realize there is something a little unique about refining the skill of effective minute taking.

After all, if you don't get this right it can impact your team communication and ultimately your business results.

There is a simple solution

You need a clear process to follow that will provide you with the basis for effective minute taking….

This process needs to facilitate an accurate and clear account of discussions, forward planning, actions required, people responsible and decisions made in your meetings.

In order to achieve this you need to develop a template for yourself or you can use my 'meeting minutes template' as an ongoing resource for taking meeting minutes. This template should form the basis of all future recordings you make of team meetings to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Check out my template below and you'll see how easy this process can be if you follow the logical steps.

Your Meeting Minutes Template

The great news is….. I can help you to make this process a whole lot easier by introducing you to a 'meeting minutes format' that will completely transform the way you approach this role in your meetings and make the whole process incredibly simple for you and your team.

You'll particularly want to discover my 'meeting minutes template' if you are:

  • Responsible for taking minutes at a meeting
  • Leading a team in your business, and/or
  • Responsible for meeting facilitation.

At the end of the day……..

If you could be assured of discovering a professional approach to the role of minute taker and in doing so improve the whole meeting experience for all participants, wouldn't you want to access this tool?

It's all about facilitating better business outcomes, and this tool will assist you to do just that!

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Your Sample Meeting Minutes

Now, I am sure you will find the 'meeting minutes template' quite self explanatory, but in case you would like more detail I am going to go one step further and provide you with a sample of this template completed as it would be during and following a meeting taking place.

What you will see in this sample is roughly what the completed minutes should look like once you have used the 'meeting minutes template' and added your own data.

This will give you a guide on how you can use this template in a meeting environment to ensure effective minute taking.

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Effective minute taking is a skill you should develop not only for yourself but so you can also mentor and coach your team in this area.

It will add significant value to your team meetings by:

  • Supporting effective team communication and team building
  • Providing a foundation for accuracy and clarity in the recording of meeting discussions, required actions, forward planning and ultimately business outcomes
  • Providing a forum for assigning team tasks and responsibilities, establishing accountability and recording ongoing progress and final outcomes
  • Providing an historical record of objectives, strategic planning initiatives, and business outcomes that can be used as a base line to measure ongoing business performance

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