Effective Communication Skills Anyone Can Learn but Few put into Practice!

Have you ever considered the impact effective communication skills can have on YOU as a business owner and the subsequent success of YOUR network marketing business?

Now, I'm not talking about your writing ability here - I'm talking about your verbal communication skills. In other words, how you talk to and connect with the people you meet and work with in your mlm business every day.

Like it or not, using effective communication skills can make a huge difference to not only the way you approach your business but its long term success. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure you are a communication "high flyer" by learning, understanding, practicing and applying a range of effective communication techniques to your business and your personal life. 

When YOU become an effective communicator YOU will gain a level of confidence to build YOUR business that you never thought possible! 

You see, it's all about connecting with people………and you can't connect with people at a level that really makes a difference for them and for you unless your communication skills are effective!

How do we learn to communicate?

Life's an interesting journey really………and how we learn to communicate is a very important part of that journey!

  • When we are babies, our parents can't wait to hear us speak our first word……….Wow, it's such a big deal, ask any parent.
  • As we grow our vocabulary grows and we start to love the sound of our own voice! For some people this NEVER stops! We all know what it's like to be on the receiving end of people like that!
  • When we go to school we are told to "keep quiet", listen and learn. Listening becomes a very important aspect of communication during our formative years.
  • We also learn the art of questioning from a very early age in an attempt to fill our minds with everything we can possibly soak in and file for future reference.
  • When we are teenagers our communication style is very much about fitting in with our friends and social group, and if you've ever listened to a group of teenagers communicating, it's like they're speaking a foreign language and you need some kind of interpreter to break the special language code they are using!
  • When we are finally adults we suddenly wake up and find that something we have been doing for years, something that we started learning from the day we were born - that is, communicating with others, often doesn't work the way we feel it should.

It is not uncommon to hear people say things like………"he just doesn't understand me………", or "if only she would listen to what I am saying………", or "I really don't know what she's talking about and I find that so frustrating………"

I could go on, but I think you get the picture right!

Is our communication effective?

You see, we learn communication skills all our life………but here are some important questions to consider:

  • Is our communication effective?
  • Do we really understand what we are doing when we communicate with others or do we just TALK?
  • Do we appreciate what others expect from us when we are communicating - do we really treat them with the respect they deserve and listen intently to what they have to say?
  • Have we had the opportunity to learn effective communication techniques - techniques that can help us both in our personal and professional life?

I think that because so much of how we learn to communicate is done by imitating the role models in our life and to some extent doing what comes naturally, (you could almost say it's instinctive) we often overlook the subtleties and nuances of effective communication skills.

The Importance of effective communication

The importance of communication skills can not be underrated, particularly when it comes to success in business - it can make or break a business deal, believe me! 

So if gaining competence in effective communication skills is such an important aspect of success in business and indeed in life, WHY do so few people ever focus on improving communication skills as a key component of business skill development and ultimate business success?

Sadly, I think it's because they don't realize SOMETHING'S MISSING!

Mostly people think they communicate well……… but we can all think of people we know that don't!

If you were to run a little survey and ask a random selection of people if they consider themselves to be competent verbal communicators, the chances are many will say YES. You see no one likes to think of themselves as a poor communicator, but it is one of the most common reasons for the breakdown in relationships, both personal and professional.

So clearly, many people have something to learn about communicating effectively.

Anyone can make a choice to learn more about improving their verbal communication skills in some way but they have to be committed to putting it into practice otherwise nothing will change!

Think about this in terms of your network marketing business. Have you ever stopped, listened and observed communication taking place between a network marketing business builder and their business prospect? If so, can you recall if the business builder used effective communication skills or was the interaction pretty much a hit and miss affair?

When does REAL Communication take place?

In my network marketing career I have seen examples of both:

  • Effective communication skills, and
  • People speaking with NO communication taking place at all!

So I hear you ask………how can people not be communicating when they are having a conversation?

Sure, they can be talking alright, there is a fair amount of audible noise, and there is obvious verbal interaction………

However, the lines of communication can be well and truly blocked when effective communication skills are not being used and as a result there will be NO CONNECTION between the two people engaged in the conversation.

The bottom line is this………

For communication to take place there has to be a giver and a receiver of information.

It's a two way process!

If there is no connection between the parties involved in the communication process, then communication is not really happening. The lines of communication have to be open and clear otherwise miscommunication and confusion will result.

Communication and Network Marketing

The only way to minimize the risk of not connecting during the communication process is to be a competent communicator using skills that will help you make that vital connection - a connection that will produce a positive outcome for those involved.

If you are serious about building a successful network marketing business you need to be a competent communicator. After all, it's a people business and connecting with people through effective communication is a sure fire way to increase your odds of success!

At the end of the day, learning effective communication skills and practicing those skills until you are competent is something that takes time. However, the long term benefits to your personal and professional life will be worth every bit of effort you put in to making this happen.

If you take the step to learn, practice and apply a range of effective communication skills to your network marketing business you will see huge potential for business growth and success.

Imagine what a difference it would make to your ability to:

  • CONNECT with your prospects
  • SERVE your customers
  • COACH your business partners
  • LEAD your team

With competence in each of these areas comes significant potential for business growth and success!

Just imagine what your business and your life would look like if learning and applying effective communication skills helped you to become an mlm business building machine!!!

It doesn't take a genius to get this picture and it looks pretty good! 

Think about this………

  • Network Marketing is a people business
  • People LOVE to COMMUNICATE & CONNECT with other people, therefore......
  • Expertise in verbal communication will help YOU to CONNECT with a lot more people and in doing so………
  • Help you to grow YOUR network marketing business

COMMUNICATION is a core competency in network marketing and pivotal to YOUR business success!


  • How do I know what it is I need to know? - Effective communication skills could mean anything………right, it's a very general description?
  • What exactly should be the focus of MY attention so I can be a more effective communicator in a way that will support the growth and success of MY network marketing business?
  • How can I ensure that I learn effective communication skills, but most importantly, PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE in MY business!

All great questions - you don't know what you don't know, so let me help you fill in some blanks.


There are some fundamental communication skills that can make a significant difference to the way you communicate and connect with people both in your personal and business life. These skills can enrich your dealings with people and help you to understand yourself a lot better.

Here are 5 core fundamentals of communication that can open up a whole new world to you and help you to be an effective communicator and master network marketing business builder:

  • How to paraphrase- How to use paraphrasing as a tool to enhance the communication process
  • Summarizing- How to use summarizing as a tool to enhance the communication process
  • Transactional Analysis- Understanding and applying a system which helps you to better understand yourself and your communication with others

As you learn about each of the core fundamentals listed here you will be compelled to apply them to your business.

When you realize that your competence in each these skills has the potential to impact the future of your network marketing business you won't put this information on the shelf - I assure you!

You will want to LEARN it, PRACTICE it and APPLY it to all aspects of your business and indeed, YOUR LIFE!

YOU and only YOU can embrace effective communication skills as an integral part of YOUR business success!

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