Career development planning is your ROAD MAP to network marketing success!

An often overlooked yet vital component of network marketing success is career development planning. However, it is not seen as something network marketers generally do!

Why is this?

  • Do network marketers not value their careers enough to have a career plan in place - a plan that will plot their course and keep them heading in the right direction?

  • Or is it simply that most network marketers just don't know how to put such a plan in place?

  • Or maybe they are familiar with the career planning process and what it entails, but they don't know how to apply it to network marketing?

What has intrigued me during my network marketing career is the fact that many people involved in the industry are completely floundering - looking for a life line, just sailing on like a ship off course headed for rocks and ultimate destruction.

Maybe this lack of direction has been a contributing factor when it comes to the bad rap often given to network marketing, because at the end of the day if people don't get the success they are looking for they sure spread the bad news FAST!

So what's missing from the equation?

We know the business model works, we know the industry has gone from strength to strength and we know that many people have achieved the pinnacle of success in their own network marketing businesses. So why is that the case for some and not for others?

Well, let me give you a clue here………

Maybe those who "really make it" in the industry have a good handle on what it takes to achieve network marketing success! So how do they know what it takes to be successful?

Maybe they have been quite deliberate about their career development planning and in doing so have:

  • A clear picture of what knowledge and skills are pivotal to their success

  • Identified where they are personally lacking in knowledge, skills and experience

  • Put in place a career development plan that identifies strategies to help fill the knowledge, skill and experience gaps

  • Meticulously followed their personal career development plan and in so doing achieved their career goals

Hmmmm………could be on to something you think?

After all, how many people do you know who have been highly successful in their respective careers and have NOT followed a specific career development planning process in order to achieve their career goals? Not too many I imagine!

Most people actively seek career planning advice when they get started in a new career, so what makes network marketing any different? Probably not much I suspect!

Let me ask you this question.

Are you really serious about your network marketing career?

I know I am very serious about my network marketing career and the ultimate success of my business - I felt this way when I first got started in network marketing and I still feel the same way today! I walk the path of continuous improvement striving to build my skills and knowledge always to the next level. And I do this by following a very clear and specific career plan. But is my success all about me and what I do?

There's another factor here………

It's also about duplication and leverage!

In other words, the success of my network marketing business is not just about MY career plan.

It is also about building the foundation of business success on "Career Development Planning" for my network marketing team!

It is very important to me that I am able to provide my business partners with a solid foundation for network marketing success - success firmly based on skills and competence which are the cornerstones of any sound career development plan.

So if you are serious about your network marketing career you will be serious about incorporating career planning as a core business fundamental.

Think of it as your ROAD MAP to success!

So now I am sure you are asking………what does a network marketing career development plan look like?

How would I know one if I fell over it?

How can I be sure the career plan I put in place will meet my objectives as a foundation for business success?

All very good questions………let's take a closer look!

Your network marketing career development plan should contain the following key elements:

  1. Competence Framework - Identifies what you need to know and be able to do

    In your network marketing business you need to be aware of the skills and knowledge required at each level of your career - a competency framework helps you to be clear about what's required to support your growth and ultimate network marketing success.

    Think of this as your travel guide - a guide that tells you about all those great landmarks you'll want to see if you are to achieve the goals for your trip.

  2. Self Assessment Guide - helps you measure the gaps

    Assists you to assess your present level of competence - It helps you to compare what you already know and can do against what you should know and should be able to do.

    Think of this as helping you to plot your course so you don't miss any important landmarks along the way.

  3. Personal development plan - is your plan to fill the gaps

    Having identified the skills and knowledge you need, you develop a personal plan and timeframe to meet the various targets. This is your personal career development plan or strategy which will help you achieve your personal & professional growth, business goals and ultimately your network marketing success.

    Think of this as the specific route you will follow (your completed Trip Planner) on your ROAD MAP to success.

  4. mlm Training - tools you can use to help you fill the gaps

    Specific training programs or modules that you have identified as necessary in your Personal Career Plan. These training programs are those identified as necessary for building your knowledge and skills and ultimately assist you in achieving your network marketing success.

    Think of this as having experienced each of the landmarks on your ROAD MAP to success.

Ultimately the goal of career planning is to provide a solid platform for network marketers to:

  • Identify what they need to know and be able to do to achieve success in their business

  • Assess their personal knowledge and skill gaps as a means to identifying areas for development

  • Establish a personal plan to fill the gaps as a foundation for ongoing development and continuous performance improvement

  • Have a road map for building a highly successful network marketing business so they know where to start, what's important along the way and how to get to their final destination having achieved their goals!

My Advice!

Make sure your ROAD MAP to network marketing success incorporates career development planning!

If you don't have a career development plan it's like taking a trip without a travel guide - you're going to end up where you don't want to be!

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