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I'm so glad you have stopped by to meet us at network marketing mlm success system. Your network marketing success is our business!

As is commonly said, a key component to network marketing success is a person's ability to build relationships. So how on earth can you build a relationship with someone you don't know, right?

There is nothing worse in my experience than a nameless, faceless impersonal website, particularly when you are looking for business coaching and strategies and ideas for building your network marketing business.

So, because I like to "practice what I preach" I am going to tell you a little bit about myself so you can get to know me, what makes me tick and what gets me inspired. No doubt you want to know why I set up the network marketing mlm success system website. Why is your network marketing success so important to me? What makes me qualified to give the advice and information I do, and why has it become such a passion for me to share my experience with people like you.

Well, let's get started at the beginning - with the introductions.

Hi, my name is Maree Suzanne and I am the owner and director of

I am married to my wonderful husband of more than 30 years - yes, we met as teenagers, and we have a fantastic teenage son of our own now, who of course is our pride and joy!

I started my network marketing career a few years ago. I have been very privileged to experience network marketing success personally and I have to say getting started in this industry was the beginning of an incredible journey and some life changing experiences which are still part of my life today.

Our vision for is…

To provide a platform for network marketing success based on skills and competence which are the foundation of exceptional business results.

So, what qualifies me to develop a website on network marketing success?

Well, it's twofold really....

  • Firstly there is my professional background prior to my network marketing career.
  • Secondly there are my several years of experience building my own successful network marketing business.

So let's start with what I did prior to network marketing.

My professional background prior to network marketing was in adult education, an area in which I hold a tertiary qualification and held a number of managerial roles within the corporate world. So you might see already that I have a passion for helping people to learn, grow and develop skills so that they realize their TRUE POTENTIAL, achieve their goals and LIVE their Dreams!

When the opportunity to get involved with network marketing as a career presented itself to me it didn't take me long to realize how my personal values and my passion and vision for helping others to succeed in business would fit ideally into this business model.

There was an obvious connection between my values and passion, and the potential benefits the network marketing business model could offer me.

So that really got my attention!

Network Marketing ticked all the right boxes for me!

Let's just back track for a moment as I tell you a little bit about why I was open to my life taking a slightly different direction and the option to start a business in network marketing seemed to tick all the boxes for me.

I am sure it's a story you will be able to relate to for many reasons because I know it's relevant for a lot of people in today's world.

What was it that got me exploring a range of options for generating income and planning for my future?

As I have already said, I had worked as a corporate trainer for a number of years. This was a field that I loved working in and which provided great job satisfaction. However, all jobs come with a price - the roles I held were demanding and stressful and often compromised the time I could dedicate to raising my young son.

As a family we loved to travel, but this is a costly thing to do and not something we were able to do on a regular basis.

Then of course there was that "bottom line"……we were being constantly bombarded in the media about preparing for our retirement and securing our financial future, not something it seems many people are doing so well at these days.

I knew there had to be a better way, and I kept an open mind as I explored the opportunities that might be out there.

Was Self Employment an option?

Of course self employment is something that many consider. Acting on this is another thing. There are many obstacles:

  • Firstly, it is VERY COSTLY to get started.
  • You can't buy any established business or a franchise of any kind and get much change out of $100,000.00.
  • I was not really in the market for that kind of investment.
  • I was also aware that a very high percentage of small businesses fail in their first 5 years and I did not want to be one of these statistics.

I knew that starting my own business would mean I would have to work very hard, something I was certainly prepared to do, but at the expense of my family, that was not part of the picture! After all, what set me down this road of exploring income opportunities outside a conventional job, was partly the freedom I desired to spend more time with my young son. So I did not want to lock myself into something that compromised one of my primary goals and that was to have more quality family time.

The Cashflow Quadrant™

Having been one of the many people who have read "The Cashflow Quadrant™" by Robert Kiyosaki, I new that I needed to include the Business Owner and Investment quadrants as part of my overall income stream in order to build financial security and also achieve lifestyle freedom.

In her book "Wealth Creation" accountant, author and international speaker Fiona Clayton-Law has this to say:

"It is absolutely vital to start building a growing passive income that should exceed the income earned from working (trading hours for dollars) as soon as possible."

So all the signals were there, all the experts were giving consistent advice.

I needed to look for a B Quadrant business-one that would create passive income and ultimately financial and lifestyle freedom.

I guess this is where the story gets really exciting!!!

Please read on……………

It's amazing how things come along at the right time, and that is certainly what happened for me.

At the time I was exploring my options for starting my own business an opportunity to get started in a network marketing business presented itself. This opportunity allowed me to move from the corporate world and into a home based business that was not only affordable but in a very short period of time was able to set me on a course to achieving the financial and lifestyle freedom I had known was so important for me and my family's future.

What makes me qualified to train other business owners?

Now, remember the second reason I referred to above that qualifies me to develop a website on network marketing success?

It's my several years experience building my own successful network marketing business.

Here are some of the things that have happened for me:

  • I was able to get started in business, making money at home for under $2,000.00
  • I was able to match my corporate income within just a few short months of starting my business
  • I was able to take care of my son before and after school and during school holidays - we were able to have quality time together and he no longer needed to be in after school care
  • I was able to take my son to extra curricular activities such as music tuition and sport after school as my time was totally flexible 
  • I was able to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of working from home yet also contribute significantly to the family income
  • I built an international business that continues to grow and provide me with a great income
  • As a family we have been able to participate in international travel, something that we all love to do. But what is even more powerful is the incredible learning opportunities this has provided for our son, something he could never get from a text book
  • I gain great personal and professional satisfaction through building relationships and contributing to peoples lives as a result of my work with business partners and customers both in my own country and in many international markets
  • I am doing something that I am passionate about and that provides a real sense of purpose
  • I built a passive income within a short period of time, one that will continue to grow and provide financial stability for myself and my family
  • I have built an asset that is willable and saleable
  • I have built a strong foundation for financial security and lifestyle freedom. This is not only what my husband and I consider to be important for our future, but are being advised by financial experts around the world that we MUST take personal responsibility for creating ourselves, that is, if we are to maintain our present standard of living and not end up on the poverty line when we retire

Take a few minutes to watch some highlights from my Family Travel Video

All these family vacations have been as a direct result of my Network Marketing business venture!

This could be possible for you too!

So, why did I develop this website?

My underlying driver is that it is very important to me that people joining this industry experience network marketing success! But achieving this success is often not as easy as it seems on the surface.

It took huge commitment and hard work for me to build my network marketing business. Achieving network marketing success was hugely rewarding but it wasn't a "walk in the park!"

Part of my journey was about realizing the following:

The sound principles of successful business that apply to business in general, apply also to achieving network marketing success.

Despite what you might hear to the contrary, this is a little gem you must NEVER forget if you truly aspire to real network marketing success.

To my dismay, I found very early on in my network marketing career that not many people in the industry held my view. In all honesty it became a source of continual frustration for me.

However, I continued to swim against the tide and apply the sound and proven principles of business success that I had learnt from my years as a corporate trainer, to my network marketing business. I was often criticized for this approach because it really did go against the network marketing lie that "anyone can do this business".

So can anyone achieve network marketing success? Maybe they can, but there needs to be a disclaimer to this statement, a disclaimer that goes something like this………

"Anyone can achieve Network Marketing Success"Disclaimer!

Anyone can achieve network marketing success if ………

They take personal responsibility for building their business foundation on:

  • Learning skills - skills identified within a career development framework
  • Becoming competent - competent to produce business growth results
  • Coaching others - true leverage in network marketing comes from coaching others to do the same

So back to my reason for developing this website………?

I have developed this website because I have a passion for helping people achieve network marketing success - and that's about succeeding for the long term, not some five minute wonder, here today, gone tomorrow.

It's about sharing my experience and expertise to help your journey be a little smoother and your network marketing business results exceptional!

There is no doubt about it, the network marketing industry can be incredibly exciting! However, it can also be hugely frustrating and disappointing for many people. I want to see that scenario change!

My Vision for this Website

My vision for this website is for it to become a vehicle for change in network marketing. Change that provides a platform for everyone joining the industry to enjoy network marketing success - success that is based on skills and competence leading to exceptional business results!

My Goal for this Website

My goal for this website is to provide a highly valuable resource for network marketers like yourself, where you can:

  • Gain an understanding and perspective of the network marketing industry - its history, where it is today and its future
  • Access a network marketing mlm system which supports network marketing success based on skills and competence
  • Access a network marketing competency model which will assist you to clearly determine what skills and knowledge you need to have in order to achieve network marketing success in today's world.  Additionally, this competency model will provide you with a process by which you can assess your current competence Vs your desired competence in the areas determined as necessary for your business
  • Access a model for establishing your own network marketing Career Development Plan
  • Access mlm success training modules that are relevant to doing business in today's world
  • Gain an appreciation for the role of coaching and support within network marketing
  • Learn about options for building your network marketing business in today's global market place

In Conclusion

My advice to you.........

Bookmark this website and visit it often

New material will be added on a regular basis

As I said at the beginning of this page, I am thrilled that you have taken the time to visit us here at network marketing mlm success and get to know us a little better - who knows, maybe one day we will be in direct communication.

If you have a comment or question, or need our support in some way please do visit our CONTACT PAGE and send us a message - we would love to hear from you!

I wish you all the best for the future and an incredibly exciting journey to network marketing success!

Kind Regards

Maree Suzanne

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