The 4 Personality Types revealed!

So what's the big deal about identifying the core 4 personality types anyway?

Well, it's as simple as this…….

When you are in the network marketing, direct sales, or party plan business you are in the PEOPLE BUINSESS. Fine tuning your relationship skills is so important that I would go so far as to say it could be the difference between your business success or failure!

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Recognizing your own and others personality styles and knowing how to adapt your communication to get the most out of your interaction with all the different styles is a critical skill that will set you apart from the crowd!

Recognizing and adapting to the core 4 personality types underpins your ability to:

  1. Understand how your personality can succeed in the network marketing, direct sales or party plan industries

  2. Relate to others in a way that is appropriate for their personality style

  3. Improve your people skills so that your interaction with others can be 100% effective

  4. Sponsor new business partners and register customers more effectively

  5. Support, coach and mentor your business partners

  6. Support and communicate more effectively with your product customers

  7. Prepare winning presentations to maximize your sponsoring and selling activities

Getting to grips with the core 4 Personality Types

You know it's really not that hard……

Many people have spent significant time researching this fascinating topic over many years, but for those of us in the network marketing, direct sales or party plan industries, there is only one place we need to go to become 100% competent in the skill of recognizing and relating to each of the 4 personality types.

Introducing Nathan Chanesman

International authority on relationship management and executive recruitment, Nathan Chanesman is Managing Director of an online behavioral assessment company.

In his work, Nathan has helped tens of thousands of individuals find success in their professional lives and hundreds of corporations maximize the potential of their employees through developing personality profiles.

Following the success of this company, Nathan who was a former CEO of a network marketing company developed an arm of his business dedicated to independent network marketing and direct sales business owners  to help them more effectively sponsor business partners and manage their business teams.

Below is a quote from his website:

"Utilizing his knowledge of network marketing and direct sales

and his experience in profiling people for jobs,

Nathan has created the world's first

network marketing profiling tool

available online 24 hours 7 days a week,

accessible from anywhere making global sponsoring even easier."

So what are the core 4 Personality Types

Here's a quick snapshot of the 4 styles identified by Nathan Chanesman taken directly from his website:


    Self motivated achievers with a desire to win and get results. They want to be in control. They want to do it now. They are the aspirers, the entrepreneurs willing to take risks. Drivers are strong willed and assertive.


    Fast paced expressive people who are approachable and competitive. They enjoy working with others and appreciate attention. They are inspirers and will motivate others to succeed. They are talkative and enthusiastic, value freedom and are comfortable with change and risk.


    Dependable practical and kind people who are ready to help when needed. They enjoy being part of the team though not necessarily taking the limelight for their achievements. They are family oriented people generous with their time.


    Perfectionists who want to do it right! They enjoy working to rules and having systems and procedures in place to guide them. They take their time and read all the details before making a decision."

How does understanding each of the core 4 personality types impact your business?

Now that you know how different each of these styles are would you:

  • Present your business opportunity in the same way to each of these unique styles?
  • Present your products to potential customers in the same way to each of these unique styles?
  • Support, coach and mentor your business partners in the same way to each of these unique styles

I think the answer to these questions is pretty obvious…'s a resounding NO!

After all, you can't succeed alone in the network marketing/direct sales industry!

You simply MUST learn how to harness the power of your business team through recognizing and better relating to each of the core 4 personality types. Having your team complete their own personality profiles is probably one of the most helpful things you could have them do.

If you really want to make a difference in your business you need to take the necessary steps to develop your skills in this area…and don't put it off, its way too important!

Your Next Steps…..

Develop your skills in identifying and adapting to the core 4 personality types by:

  • Recognizing the various personality traits that are strongly represented by each of the core 4 personality types
  • Order Become a Network Marketing Superstar - by Nathan ChanesmanThis outstanding and comprehensive book has been specifically written to help network marketing/direct sales business owners like yourself to include personality profiling as an integral part of your business success tool kit.

You'll be amazed at how this will impact your business!

Integrate this area of professional development into your business success strategy TODAY!

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